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Apple starts running out of original iPads in any form

updated 08:55 pm EDT, Thu March 31, 2011

Apple runs low on original iPads in clearance

Apple showed the first signs it was running entirely dry of original iPads on Thursday after the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad disappeared from the online Apple Store. Neither the clearance nor refurb sections show the basic model. Only 32GB and 64GB Wi-Fi capacities exist alongside the 3G models, and the clearance section now only has 3G models.

The price likely had the biggest role to play in the stockout. Once on sale, the original iPad sold for as little as $349, $150 below its original asking price. Without it, Apple's least expensive iPad is the 32GB Wi-Fi refurb at $429.

That Apple has taken nearly a month to clear stock of old iPads has been a minor surprise, but the popularity of the iPad 2 may have led many to consider paying a premium for the brand new tablet over the discounted model. Buyers hunting down the new model still face a three- to four-week wait online or else long lines at retail. [via Macgasm]

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  1. Geoduck

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    Too Bad

    I was hoping they would keep the original iPad around as a price leader. Like the 3G is for the iPhone.

  1. iphonerulez

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    The older iPad would be useful to many

    students or businesses but I'm certain it's already out of production. The thing is, if the rumors are true and Apple comes out with an iPad 3 this year, then the iPad 2 will become the price leader. Does Apple really even need a price leader for itself? It's good for consumers, for sure, but it's not like Apple won't be able to move its tablets. This tablet market is relatively young and even now those picky tech pundits are saying that the iPad 2 isn't that great an upgrade over the iPad 1. I certainly think it is. Let's face it. Dual-core processor tablets are the new baseline and it appears there might be enough headroom in the A5 to give it speedbumps as battery technology advances. The A4 might already be past its prime and the core RAM size definitely is. Plus, HDMI mirroring is something that's going to become a standard for quite a while. The iPad 2 will make an excellent price leader for late this year or early next year when the iPad 3 is announced. Apple is really going to keep tablet rivals off-balance.

  1. chas_m



    No chance of an iPad 3

    I don't think there's any chance whatsoever that Apple will make a third iPad model anytime soon.

    1. It was only ever a stupid rumour to start with.

    2. Apple can't make enough iPads to meet demand now.

    3. The iPad (original) was THE hot xmas gift, despite having been eight months old at the time. I don't think any of the pretenders will be in shape to challenge the iPad 2 by Xmas either, so again I think the iPad 2 will be the hot gift for xmas 2011.

    4. Even if they'd had plans for such a thing, I think the disaster in Japan put the kibosh on that.

    5. If need be, I'm sure Apple would slightly upgrade the existing iPad 2 (like with better cameras for example) and call it the iPad 2 XS or some such thing if they really had to due to somebody else really having something that might challenge the dominance of the iPad 2.

    IME, Apple really puts out the killer cool new stuff LONG before (or just AFTER) xmas. :)

  1. Feathers

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    Ditto Chas_M

    In relation to Steve's comment about 2011 being the year of iPad 2, I still harbour a sneaky feeling that September might produce an iPad 2.5. With the delay of the announcement of the iPhone 5 potentially moving to the traditional September "iPod" slot, I think that Apple may be aligning all its devices around new versions of the iOS so that the announcements are software rather than hardware driven. To be honest, it wouldn't be the first time that Steve has said one thing and done another! It also wouldn't be the first time that a newer version has arrived within less than a year of its predecessor.

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