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Analyst: Thunderbolt has slight sales edge over VZ iPhone

updated 04:40 pm EDT, Thu March 31, 2011

BTIG says Thunderbolt and iPhone sales even

Sales of the HTC Thunderbolt was outselling the iPhone at Verizon by a slight margin, BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk said Thursday [free reg. required]. After checking anecdotally with 150 Verizon stores, he found that 61 percent claimed to have sold just as many of both phones in the past week. The Thunderbolt was more popular when an imbalance came; 28 percent of all stores said the 4G Android phone was more popular, while 11 percent said Apple was stronger at their shops.

About 10 percent were sold out of the Thunderbolt, Piecyk said. He cautioned that the results weren't based on hard numbers and that the actual results could be different.

Of those buying it, virtually all said they were buying for the 4G speed. Some, however, had seen returns from the poor battery life, which from multiple reports can often sit at just four to 4.5 hours with significant 4G use.

The results were at least partly helped by the Thunderbolt having launched just two weeks earlier. Retail staff were confident the Thunderbolt would keep up, but most devices usually see sales slow down in the first few weeks after launch. Apple may have come out on top, however. While the Verizon iPhone launched to modest lines, it may have kept up that initial demand and resisted the usual slump.

Verizon won't quantify its iPhone sales, and possibly the Thunderbolt's, until its quarterly results report. The company said on the record that 60 percent of iPhones sold online and thus that retail didn't completely reflect its sales. Apple may also have a unique advantage, since it can sell through its own store as well as Verizon's where the Thunderbolt has to go through both Verizon and considerably smaller third-party resellers.

By Electronista Staff


  1. facebook_Ross

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    The HTC Thunderbolt was outselling the iPhone at V

    The HTC Thunderbolt was outselling the iPhone at Verizon because the sales team at Verizon gets paid to sell the Thunderbolt. There are NO incentives for Verizon employees or resellers to sell the iPhone.

  1. WiseWeasel

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    My BS meter is spiking. The measurement methods seem to lack objective rigor; I think I'll wait for official sales numbers.

  1. lkrupp

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    The sales staff...

    I went into a T-Mobile store the other day. I kept asking about the HTC but the sales girl kept leading me over to the WM7 phones and telling me how great the WM7 phones were. It's all about who's trying to manipulate the casual customer.

    Still happens at my local Best Buy. I still see the sales "associates" in the computer department leading people away from the Apple section to the Windows PC section. I have, however, noticed several customers telling the kid in no uncertain terms that they wanted a Mac, not a Windows PC. The halo effect is getting stronger it would seem.

  1. ruel24

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    It's all about the network...

    The iPhone 4 is on CDMA and the Thunderbold is on LTE. That's the difference. People are jumping on the "4G" hype. When the dust clears, and iPhone 5 is eventually release (Autumn 2011?) with LTE support, this will all be moot. Besides, the Thunderbolt will be already replaced by something else in the lineup and users will still be waiting for OS updates months after they've been released.

  1. diskrete

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    Over time?

    A month from now, there will be a different hot Android phone. Nobody will remember the Thunder-something-or-other, but the iPhone will still be selling strong.

  1. facebook_Omega

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    The apple loyal just can not admit that there is something out there that people like better than crapple products...It is really getting sad. Just admit it and move on.. Live goes on as will apple.

  1. wrenchy

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    ROFL! 2

    Is the 'Magic' wearing out?

    One has to wonder why Steve Jobs publicly attacks Android whenever he gets the chance. He is a smart guy. Does he know something all you iClown's don't? He can see Apple's marketshare slip, slip slipin' away and there's nothing he can do. Just hope that when the smoke clears, the iPhone's marketshare is bigger than the Mac's.

    Oh the humanity!

    PS: I wonder how many Android phone are included in the Blue 61% 'Same' category??


    - Sent from my Android Device.

  1. charlituna

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    Is the Thunderbolt winning because folks are picking it over the iphone or are most folks that are thinking about an iphone holding out over rumors that there will be a Verizon iphone 5 in the summer and just not buying anything right now.

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