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Microsoft may show Silverlight for Xbox with app store

updated 03:30 pm EDT, Mon April 4, 2011

Silverlight for Xbox 360 may hit next week

Microsoft's plans to port Silverlight to the Xbox 360 may come to a head at the MIX11 conference next week based on a leak. The feature has supposedly been in development for "some months" and could bring a unique level of integration between the Xbox and Windows Phone. A tipster for WinRumors suggested it could bring an app store for the Xbox that would let developers simply port WP7 apps over to the larger screen.

The choice might also help streamline Microsoft's work with Windows 8, where the new Immersive interface will be combined with a Silverlight-based app framework, Jupiter. A chance exists that certain apps written for the Xbox could carry over to Windows 8 or, eventually, in the opposite direction.

Windows 8 may also have its own app store out of the box and would clone the Mac App Store.

Microsoft hasn't directly confirmed its plans, but the job listing that tipped off the plans made it clear Silverlight would reach the xbox. Company officials have also said the role of Silverlight had been shifting away from a Flash-like plugin to a full app platform. It already forms the basis of most WP7 apps but could now be the unifying thread for every platform Microsoft makes.

On the Xbox, Silverlight could give Microsoft an edge over Apple by making a platform where media playback and other functionality would be extended. The current Apple TV is more extensible than the old model but still doesn't have an easy way to roll out new features or third-party apps.

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  1. pairof9s

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    Talking points

    If there is anything Microsoft has been the leader in the technology industry the last decade, it's talking points on future products/services. They wax poetic about their plans and its superiority to anything currently being sold.

    Of course, the rub is the what, when, where and the big if any or all of this will see the public.


  1. facebook_Raj

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    comment title

    This could do some damage to the Apple TV if they do it right. Imagine if they sold an app in the Windows 8 app store you could also use on your Xbox and W7 phone and have all in sync over the net. A W7 app that could push pics and videos you've taken onto your xbox would be neat, like a MS version of airplay.

  1. nat

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    you can be sure

    that all the apps will be "quality" one.

  1. slapppy

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    Instead of focusing on their stupid name of "marketplace" they want to steal Apple "Apps, or App Store" tag so they can leverage the one POS device that finally made some money. After what 5 years of losing money.

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