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Fujifilm rumored making X200 high-end compact

updated 04:15 pm EDT, Thu April 7, 2011

Fujifilm may make X200 as advanced point and shoot

A rumor surfacing from a business-to-business conversation suggested Fujifilm is hoping to expand its semi-pro line from the X100 to include at least one other model. Photography supplier Bob Todrick was reportedly told Fujifilm has decided to chase the "serious prosumer market" and would start with an X200 in the fall. The new model would be a simplified, point-and-shoot version of the X100. If it and the X100 did well, there could be an interchangeable lens camera sometime in 2012, Todrick said.

If true, the mirrorless version wouldn't necessarily adopt Micro Four Thirds or another system since Fujifilm is using its own, proprietary lens.

Second-hand information can be unreliable and should be taken with caution. However, Fujifilm has had enough demand for the X100 in its home country of Japan that it saw shortages, which are rare for non-DSLRs. The X100 is unique in the lineup for its use of a large APS-C sized sensor and a fixed-zoom but high quality 23mm lens for all of its photography. While superficially limited, the retro styling and the image quality have been touted as major attractions.

Fujifilm would be making a significant leap as it has almost entirely avoided the pro and serious amateur categories. [via 4/3 Rumors]

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  1. Feathers

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    A fixed zoom?

    A fixed zoom? Was it broken? No, in fact the camera doesn't have a zoom at all! The camera has a non-removable, and therefore fixed, 23mm prime lens. Fact check anyone?

    "Second-hand information can be unreliable and should be taken with caution." So should anything written on MacNN!

  1. Mr. Strat

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    Oh's Fuji

    They couldn't even make decent film.

    So they steal the look of an old Leica...

  1. tonton

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    Fuji made one of the best digital point-and-shoot cameras ever made: the Finepix F-30 series. I'm desperately looking for any camera that can match the quality of my F31fd for indoor and flash shooting (I've yet to see one). I'll have to check out the stats on the X100.

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