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Apple's Steve Jobs agrees to biography due in 2012

updated 10:00 pm EDT, Sun April 10, 2011

Apple CEO Jobs greenlights official biography

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs broke with expectations on Sunday after Simon & Schuster said he had agreed to participate in an authorized biography. Aspen president chief and former Time managing editor Walter Isaacson is penning iSteve: The Book of Jobs with an expected shelf date of early 2012. The official access gave him rare access to a direct interview with Jobs as well as his family, coworkers, and also challengers.

Rumors had emerged of an official biography coming but hadn't seen further substantiation until now.

Isaacson is known for having written biographies of Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. He may have been approved both for longstanding experience in journalism as well as a tendency to write neutral but bestselling profiles.

Jobs has repeatedly been the subject of biographies and profiles, but all of them have been unofficial and have at times run afoul of Apple. The well-known unofficial biography iCon was ejected from Apple retail stores not long after it arrived after Jobs disliked its portrayal of him, although he largely hesitated from pursuing any further action. Unofficial biographies can sometimes be more accurate than "safe" official biographies but also carry the risk of being sensationalist or having their own omissions.

The approval, while a rare opening for a CEO known for his secrecy, may fuel speculation that Jobs is concerned about leaving a legacy, even if he expects to live for much longer. His ongoing third medical leave has kept him in the CEO spot but has raised fears he might not stay in the top position at Apple for much longer.


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  1. cvbcvb

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    Joined: Nov 2003



    I look forward to reading. Guess I should get an iPad and read it on that.


  1. rtamesis

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    Joined: Jan 2000


    Steve's legacy

    Steve Jobs probably senses that his remaining time is running out and wants to set the official record of his life straight for future generations rather than leave it to tabloid journalists and revisionists.

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  1. imNat-imadouche

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2011


    He better hurry up

    The way he's fading into nothing, I fear his story will be lost!

  1. Perception

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2011


    Not too suprised

    I think we all know he is fading at this point. Best of luck too a great visionary and looking forward to reading this biography!

  1. eclux

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    Joined: Jul 2008


    not news

    This was announced over a year ago. Google jobs+isaacson and read lots of mainstream media articles about this from February 2010. The only thing that's news might be the vague publication date. Unclear what "expectations" Steve broke with yesterday.

    Can't wait to see the MacNN headline when it actually arrives: "Jobs Outs Surprise Biography".

  1. joesporleder

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    Armchair Physicians

    It seems like a lot of medical experts come out of the woodworks clamoring about Steve's impending demise. As long as he's still breathing, there's always hope that his health will improve. I know this will sound rather obvious, unless you are Steve, his Drs., close family or a top executive at Apple, you do not know the true nature of Steve's situation.

    I thought he seemed energetic at the iPad 2 event.

  1. testudo

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    Re: Steve's legacy

    Steve Jobs probably senses that his remaining time is running out and wants to set the official record of his life straight for future generations rather than leave it to tabloid journalists and revisionists.

    Um, no, at best he wants to state 'his side' of the 'official' story. For everyone has their own view of things. I'm sure Steve thinks he was kicked out of Apple in 1986 unfairly.

    I wonder if he thinks Next was a success or failure?

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