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Cisco kills Flip camera business to refocus on networks

updated 09:30 am EDT, Tue April 12, 2011

Cisco kills Flip camera line

Cisco today axed its Flip camera division in a bid to bring the company back into shape. The company provided few details but said its new "network-centric platform strategy" meant the former Pure Digital group had to be closed. Those on the FlipShare service would be supported through a "transition plan," though Cisco didn't say what that was.

The shift would also involve tuning the home network business, such as the Linksys routers, to push "greater profitability" and tie into Cisco's core network hardware. The Umi video chat system would fold into its business telepresence group rather than sell to the home.

Cisco didn't say why it wasn't trying to sell the business instead of drop it completely.

The move marks an end to the brief five-year history of the Flip. The first model was launched by Pure Digital in 2006 as a way of providing simple digital video recording without the high prices or complexity of having to own a full camcorder. Its popularity grew enough that Cisco bought Pure Digital in 2009 and began expanding the line itself.

Flip is still relatively healthy but has become increasingly redundant with the rise of mobile photography. Many smartphones, and even MP3 players like the fourth-generation iPod touch, can record in 720p with similar or better video quality and with more features. Without an Internet connection, it also couldn't upload directly and still had to be tied to a computer.

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  1. Gazoobee

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Feb 2009


    "... refocus on netowrks"


  1. macnews1

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2011


    ahh sad

    the flip was a cool little camera that did decent video. Simple, easy to use and was pretty cool device. With more and more devices supporting video I wondered how long it would take for the flip to go away. Sad to just see cisco shut it down vs trying to sell it off.

    Honestly, I wonder if they made their investment back. Since they bought Pure Digital in 2009 it isn't like the flip exploded in 2010. Basically, cisco bought high and now isn't even selling low. If I were a cisco share holder, I might want my ceo and the other big wigs to give back some of their salary and certainly not get ANY bonus. I'm all for the free market but c*** like this and you know some idiot (like MANY idiots) at cisco are going to get big fat multi-million dollar bonuses for "saving" cisco money by killing off the "dying" flip brand. The idiots don't think about the missed investment or innovation opportunities they had, not to mention the ability to at least make some money by selling.

  1. xmattingly

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    How many foreign language journalists does it take to s**** up an article? One to right it, and won to prüfread it.

  1. dimmer

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    Poor decisions

    Cisco has a litany of poor decisions in regards to take-overs, often taking the a product in a new space that is in no way technically superior, trying to munge that into their core business, and taking a Microsoft style "We may not be good at anything, but we can do everything!" approach.

    Outside of their core competency in routing, they really don't have much to compel their use. The Catalyst switching product remains an ugly mess; the PIX and Firewall Services Module lines are majorly weak; their VoIP solutions are exactly what you'd expect to get when you let data engineers design voice services.

    And as for Linksys, hoo-boy way to tarnish the brand with that little purchase. Did it not occur to them that a SO/HO user isn't going to be interested in paying out a few grand just to have the box say "Linksys, by Cisco"?

    But to their credit, they do sponsor The Rachel Maddow Show. So not all bad…

  1. mr100percent

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    Seriously? I've owned several, they were maybe the best quality camera for their low price.

    Bone-headed move. Reminds me of

  1. Camelot

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    It's no surprise they're killing it off... the need the money to build a whole new market for their new 'netowrks' (whatever they may be - something that works really neat, I'm sure).

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