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Amazon Android tablet may be made by Samsung

updated 04:10 pm EDT, Wed April 20, 2011

Amazon tablet said made by Samsung

On-off rumors of an Amazon-branded tablet were sparked again by a rumor that it had a picked a contractor. Instead of relying primarily on Lab126 to make the hardware, Amazon is reportedly turning to Samsung to make a tablet on its behalf. Gdgt had few other details, but the normally well-connected Peter Rojas said he was "99% certain" based on details.

Most of the remaining details were speculation. Android 3.0 would be the logical candidate, but Amazon might be concerned about talk of tighter limits on customization that would limit what Amazon could do to customize the interface. One option would be to use a phone-oriented Android build, such as 2.3 or the future Ice Cream, and use the relative freedom to customize the interface.

Any device would likely tap into as many of Amazon's services as possible, including its MP3 store, Cloud Drive, Kindle Store, and Instant Video. A deal could give those with Prime unlimited video streaming an always-on way to get to their movie collection beyond a computer.

Pricing might be a challenge for Amazon, since it will not only have to compete against tablets like the iPad or Xoom but also against an upgraded Nook Color. At $250, the tablet will have a Flash-capable browser and some third-party apps that will give it a limited amount of tablet functionality but at a price closer to a traditional e-reader.

Amazon likes to launch new hardware in or near August to seize on the upswing in sales nearer to the end of the year, but no clues have emerged so far as to whether or not it's coming close. Amazon has been making small gestures such as buying a multi-touch firm and hiring for LCD expertise, though these would imply developing some of the hardware design without Samsung's help.

Neither of the involved companies has commented on the rumor.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9

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  1. SockRolid

    Forum Regular

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    If Samsung makes an Amazon tablet... sure ain't gonna look like an iPad.

    But seriously, Amazon is probably the only company that has a chance at equalling Apple's infrastructure (and at even approaching Apple's success.) Both companies have hundreds of millions of users with accounts and credit cards, they are both veterans at delivering products to consumers, and they have media to deliver to consumers.

    Google has none of that.

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Nov 2008


    Amazon is going heads up against Apple

    and Apple is just standing flat-footed and taking body blows. That's pretty sad the way Apple isn't doing anything to protect itself as Amazon encroaches into its territory. Next thing, Amazon will be also putting out some Amazon smartphone and have its own Amazon market. That's why investors are so interested in buying Amazon and hardly any investors are buying Apple. Amazon is being very aggressive while Apple is rather passive. I'm not sure what Apple can do anyway because it sure isn't going into the on-line sales business.

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