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Lion exploration shows iCloud codenamed as Castle

updated 12:40 am EDT, Sun May 1, 2011

Lion search shows MobileMe sequel nicknamed Castle

A code hunt by on Saturday helped confirm that iCloud would be a direct sequel to MobileMe through discovering its codename. Searching through the elements of the Find My Mac feature, the French team found account migration features that would let users "complete your upgrade" from MobileMe to Castle. The name is presumed to be just a placeholder and wasn't accompanied by any clues as to features.

The framing by itself should confirm beliefs that at least the core features, such as mail, calendar, and contact sync, would make the transition over. iCloud would most likely entail a cloud media locker that would store music, photos, and videos for remote streaming to iOS devices and other copies of iTunes.

Officially, Apple has only said that a MobileMe-related project is coming for the spring launch of its datacenter in North Carolina. Most presume that to mean a launch at WWDC in June. [via MacRumors]

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  1. Feathers

    Grizzled Veteran

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    Well done MacNN.

    For once, I want to congratulate MacNN for simply reporting the news rather than spinning it. A similar article on Appleinsider describes the "castle" references as "hidden".

    Just because something is not easily found doesn't mean that it is "hidden" as the latter implies a deliberate act.

    It's nice that the facts are conveyed without trying to spin some "conspiratorial" angle particularly given the recent furore over the "hidden" consolidated.db file. In truth, MacNN might get more clicks with a more provocative, if untrue, title.

  1. bogmonster

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    Upgrade vs Update?

    Wonder if this means it won't be released as a free service as has been hoped. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it.

  1. PRoth

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    Joined: Aug 2008



    Why does that screenshot look an awful lot like an untitled OmniOutliner document?

  1. leamanc

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    Joined: Oct 2003



    ...can open .plist files. So yeah, it is OmniOutliner in the screenshot. But we've got to take it on faith that this is a .plist related to Find My Mac, as stated in the article.

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