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Consumer Reports disputes claims white iPhone 4 is thicker

updated 12:40 pm EDT, Mon May 2, 2011

Consumer Reports insists white iPhone 4 same size

Consumer Reports on Monday disputed claims that the white iPhone 4 was thicker than its black counterpart. Using calipers, the buying advice magazine claimed both color iPhones were about 0.37 inches. It went so far as to try three cases and said all three fit properly.

The position was shared with Apple VP Phil Schiller but still runs up against contradictory evidence. Side-by-side looks have shown at least some examples visibly thicker and having problems in cases. Consumer Reports' own study made it difficult to check since the caliper contact point was inside the phone, and not at the slightly thicker lip.

Its view is still uncharacteristically supportive of the phone. Consumer Reports has refused to recommend the iPhone 4 in GSM or CDMA guise even though it consistently rates as one of the best phones in the US. All of its concern hinges on the antenna sensitivity issue and a belief that Apple should have either had a less susceptible antenna to start or continued offering free bumper cases.

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    "Using calipers, the buying advice magazine claimed both color iPhones were about 0.37 inches. It went so far as to try three cases and said all three fit properly."

    Not for nothing, but using calipers goes WAY "farther" than an OJ-glove test.

  1. freddymac

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    All lie's I tell you, These Consumer Reports pictures are Photoshopped.
    It's a conspiracy I tell you.................. (sarcasm)

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  1. AshUK

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    comment title

    As for the picture there using them wrong, they should be measures from lip to lip, as in only about 1mm into the device not using the whole thing!!! it's bound to get a wrong reading if there doing it that way.

  1. jamck1977

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    @AshUK and author

    Have you ever used a pair calipers? The way they are used in the photo would make the readout as HIGH as possible, even one degree off parallel will INCREASE the reading. If the outside 'lip' is thicker, it will read higher. Unless the lip is al the way back, next to the indentation, it is included in the 0.37". The 'contact point' is basically the thickest portion from where the iPhone enters the jaws of the calipers.

  1. Hillbilly Geek

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    Wearing white always makes my a** look fat.

  1. Arne_Saknussemm

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    .. Those are "El Cheapo" brand calipers anyways (bought a couple for $10each); who's to trust them...

    this is not over

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