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Mac OS X Lion to go through Mac App Store for end users

updated 04:30 pm EDT, Wed May 4, 2011

Apple to send Lion through own app store on launch

Apple may be the first to push a desktop OS to its end users through its own app store. Sources said Wednesday that the company's decision to offer the Developer Preview in the Mac App Store will extend to end users. AppleInsider in getting the details was told it would even be the first place to carry the download, with a DVD version only coming slightly afterwards.

It wasn't explained how much control customers would have over the install, such as making a bootable disc or USB drive. MacBook Air users in the past have often had upgrade trouble for OS X as they had to either use Remote Disc on a nearby computer or else buy an external optical drive. They get a USB drive with the stock OS but, with the Mac App Store option, might not have the choice of reinstalling Lion first.

A move to a Mac App Store download would help Apple move more of its systems away from depending on optical drives, if not using them entirely. The new MacBook Air was described on launch as the "future of MacBooks" for its mix of instant responsiveness and extremely portable profile.

The summer release of Lion would also at once catch up and pass Microsoft in offering OS releases online. Microsoft offers Windows 7 as a download for netbook owners and others, but getting it ready to use requires putting the image on a DVD or a USB drive, even if the install is an upgrade. Apple's approach just requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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  1. blshaw

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    I applaud this approach as long as one can create a bootable DVD or flash drive from the download.

  1. cashxx

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    Joined: Apr 2009



    I agree with your comment.......fine if we can create a bootable DVD or Flash Drive from the download!!

  1. DiabloConQueso

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    ...and even if you can't... can hold off on the App Store purchase and buy the physical DVD installer, which will also be available "slightly afterwards[sic]."

  1. bobolicious

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    Rosetta please...

    ...compatibility & access to legacy data & applications seems an increasing challenge as such staples as QuickTime VR even fall by the wayside?

    Please, please, please find a way to keep Rosetta or some kind of virtualization compatibility as an optional install for Lion, as it too is rumored to be at risk of being dropped...?

    This is one area where windows seems to trump mac - still happily running a few essential xp options in virtualbox when needed...

  1. MacAssemble

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    For the DP version, you currently download a Mac OS X Lion Install application from the Mac APP Store. No obvious way of creating a physical disk at the moment. I would assume for the public release, they would come up with an easy way to create a USB or DVD disk.

  1. gnawbone

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    Not the best option for some of us

    I live out in the country with my only real option for internet service being satellite. If you know anything about satellite internet service - it is slow and has a max d/l limit measured in 4 hour blocks. I cannot d/l more than 425 megabytes in a 4 period (against a 24 hour rolling clock, except for between 2:00 and 7:00 A.M. - then you're free to do whatever you want).

    You can imagine when they release 10.6.x and it is 900 m/bytes - I gasp. I have 3 Macs - so for a Mac OS a DVD is essential to people like me - I certainly can't d/l OS X Lion 3 times ( like you have to do with the APP store!

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