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Review: Nintendo 3DS

updated 05:00 pm EDT, Sun May 8, 2011

We review Nintendo's 3DS flagship handheld

Nintendo was once the unquestioned leader in mobile gaming and virtually cemented its position with the DS for more than half a decade. Then the iPod touch happened: Nintendo was faced with a rival that updates its hardware frequently and designs for the Internet first. The 3DS is its first real answer to Apple and promises not just modern hardware but unique features like automatic device-to-device sharing and, of course, its glasses-free 3D. We'll find out in our Nintendo 3DS review whether it's enough to turn the tide.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. jahbadaboo

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    Intendo! Go Intendo!

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  1. facebook_Clarence

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    And it has actual buttons, which puts it leaps and bounds beyond any of the dumbed down phone + other function devices.

  1. coffeetime

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    Got one for my son...

    and I am not too crazy about the 3D screen, it gets your eyes very irritating after extensively staring at it (good thing you can turn it off).

    There's one very outstanding game with a "Wow" factor and it's not being heavily promoted...... it is the built-in AR Games (augmented reality games). Gamers can easily miss that and especially the cards (looks like a trading cards but it's not) that comes with it. You place the supplied cards on a flat surface (table, chair...etc) and watch objects and characters pops out of your cards and desk or chair surfaces. It gets really interesting as you go on playing it because it turns your surround objects into battle fields, booby traps or/and monsters. Another neat one is you throw a fishing rod into your desk surface which becomes a water surface with fishes swimming underneath. Nintendo pulls this off very well.

  1. simon42

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    Reason for success

    Just like the Wii vs more advanced and seemingly better rivals, this has the Nintendo factor playing for it and could sell more than some will understand. Nicer games and ideas can go a long way. For many, iOS gaming doesn't even begin to compare; go figure...

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