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HTC Puccini 4G tablet to take on iPad at AT&T

updated 12:00 pm EDT, Mon May 9, 2011

HTC Puccini and Holiday coming to ATT

AT&T is lining up a pair of HTC devices for the near future that could see the carrier get its first major 10-inch tablet alternative to the iPad, a pair of leaks showed. Nicknamed the Puccini, it would be one of the first truly 4G devices on the network and use LTE. It's presumed by PocketNow that the device would use Android 3.0 and support the Scribe pen support from HTC's smaller Flyer.

A phone, the Holiday, has fewer details. It superficially resembles the Aria. Very little has been shown, but it may have a front-facing camera and could have at least 14.4Mbps or 21Mbps data.

The Puccini was hinted as possibly shipping in June. Speculation has put the Holiday in the summer.

AT&T has been offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab as an alternative to the iPad, but its small size and high relative price has largely kept the Android device out of contention. The Puccini would be its first more direct option and would be HTC's first real full-size tablet.

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  1. SockRolid

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    2011 - the iPad clone bubble will burst

    Just exactly how many faux-iPads can survive on the open market? The best-selling iPad clone has what, about 5% market share?

    We're going to see the weaker clones die soon. Manufacturers will see that they're throwing themselves under the Apple bus. Their shareholders will wield pitchforks and axes at this year's shareholder meetings. CEOs will be un-installed with extreme prejudice.

    Greenpeace will protest the cloners for their enormous carbon footprints generated all for nothing. Time to stop the insanity and do the right thing. Give up.

  1. slapppy

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    Is that...

    ...the Puccini Alfredo special?

  1. tfmeehan

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    It's possibly shipping in June and they either still have no idea how much it will cost, or, like so many others the cost is higher than the iPad but, MAYBE, cheaper with a 2-year contract.

    Well, by golly, I'm in!

  1. viktorob

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    To take on the iPad... Again?

    Really, again? taking on the iPad, like those who "took" on the iphone? and the ipod?
    I think the word "TRYING TO TAKE" will be more accurate.

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