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Apple to move Bellevue store out of Microsoft's shadow

updated 12:10 pm EDT, Thu May 12, 2011

France, University of Delaware stores also pegged

Apple is planning to move its Bellevue Square store in Washington to another space within the same mall, says ifoAppleStore. The current location is on the ground floor, and launched in 2003 with about 4,600 square feet. The new shop will reportedly take up twice the area of the old one, a feat accomplished by moving to a space on the second floor previously occupied by three different businesses.

An ulterior motive appears to be coping with the presence of Microsoft. The current Apple Store is just three spaces away from Microsoft's first-ever retail outlet, which opened in November 2010 and was likely deliberately situated to draw attention away from Apple. The financial impact of the competition is unknown, but Apple is nevertheless expected to complete a move by the end of 2011.

The University of Delaware's Board of Trustees has meanwhile announced that a new bookstore, opening this fall, will include some form of Apple store. Whether or not the shop will be a full-scale, first-party operation or simply a reseller is unmentioned, but Apple already has a small-scale operation at the school, and is known to be planning a store at Yale University in Connecticut. The new U-of-D site could be based alongside a 60,000 square-foot Barnes and Noble project set to open on August 30th, which will be surrounded by a Starbucks and other concessions.

Confirmed by Apple is a new store in Bordeaux, France. The outlet will launch at 10AM local time on Saturday, and is situated at 2-4 Sainte-Catherine. Regular hours should run from 9AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday. The shop is only Apple's sixth in France; three of them can be found in or near Paris.


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  1. chris2519

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    This is funny! What do you do when an ugly, uncouth neighbor moves in across the street? You MOVE so you don't have to see them!!!

  1. eldarkus

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    Why would Apple move to get away from a MS store, yet expend to twice the size? The ulterior motive doesn't seem to be the driving force. If the store was similar size, i might buy it.. but expanding to twice the size sounds like they are increasing business.. not losing it to MS.

    a nice fluffy title tho.. Evidence would be nice. But i guess u gotta do whatever u can to get clicks

  1. bitwrangler

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    News flash from Microsoft

    Today Microsoft has announced that they will be moving their Bellevue Square Microsoft store from it's current location on the first floor to a new location on the second floor. When Microsoft officials were asked if the move was prompted by Apple's recent announcement of the move of their Apple Store, Microsoft officials declined comment. Microsoft officials also announced that the store will feature an innovative way for their customers to interact with staff. Instead of directly communicating with staff members, customers are directed to workstations where the users can then Skype with staff members. Microsoft representatives were quick to point out that "Genius Everywhere Bar" was a feature entirely unique to the Microsoft Store experience and that "Apple 'aint got one, we thought of it first".

  1. coffeetime

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    On top of that...

    Apple has the cash to move.

  1. ggirton

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    Why should Apple

    Why should Apple serve as a magnet for an MS store? MS store location is riding on Apple coattails, when they move they will starve the MS store of people who just bop over because they are mildly curious and in the vicinity. MS has no commitment to the retail store concept, so when it stops selling stuff, they will close.

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  1. coffeetime

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    The poor Microsoft store...

    If all else fails, just convert it to Microsoft Repair Shop: "We fix PC that you just bought from upstair". Guarantee business booming.

  1. Bobfozz

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    Don't rush to judgment

    Most likely Apple's lease was up (they usually try to corral you into 10 year leases) and MS is probably in a Lease. So to move next to Apple they would probably have to lease a second store! That would make them look pitiful.

    I would bet $$$ to donuts if MS hired Apple to tell them how to handle this, Apple would come up with something more innovative than this stupid stunt by MS.

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  1. wrenchy

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    Nobody wants fruit stores in Bellevue.

    Apple is afraid. Run Apple Run!


    - Sent from my Android Device.

  1. torpeau

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    Whose shadow?

    MS would be in Apple's shadow.

  1. Chris CA

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    comment title

    "- Sent from my Android Device."

    Sorry to read this. Maybe your luck will pick up later and you'll be able to move out of your parent's basement and you can get a real phone.

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