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iPhone '5G' case shows edge-to-edge screen, moved flash

updated 10:30 am EDT, Sat May 14, 2011

Supposed iPhone 5G case tips up in China

A very early instance of a 2011 iPhone case has shown up in a listing at Asian trading site AliBaba. Guangdong-based Kulcase is selling what it claims is a crystal case for an "iPhone 5G." The construction and the placeholder inside it suggest not only a larger, edge-to-edge screen but that the flash has moved from directly next to the rear camera to the corner on the other side, presumably to improve its performance.

Whether or not the case is accurate is difficult to determine. Some rumors have pointed to a radical overhaul of the iPhone for this year that would support the existence of an edge-to-edge screen and possibly other changes. Others have pointed to just a modest iPhone 4 respin, although at least one of these has referenced an edge-to-edge display.

A side glance isn't available and would help determine the plans, since the argument for a major redesign has pointed to a tapered shape.

Small Chinese companies have, in the past, regularly and illegally obtained Apple design blueprints in advance and started manufacturing cases even when it turned out the design changed slightly before launch. The problem was finally acknowledged this year when Foxconn had employees arrested for passing on iPad 2 information months in advance. A company from Guangdong in the mainland would be an unusual choice given its distance from Foxconn's usual factories, although the cases themselves would ship out of the port of Shenzhen, Foxconn's core manufacturing base.

The new iPhone, regardless of design, isn't anticipated until September but would start manufacturing in July and might give time for early schematics to show. [via Gadgets DNA]

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  1. shawnce

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    not to mention...

    The screen image is an obvious fake as well... the size and spacing of the icons is wrong, the status bar is wrong, etc. This is likely a case for a knock off chinese iPhone.

  1. Salty

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    Joined: Jul 2005


    Don't' read

    You guys don't' read eh? The paper inside is a print out. The case is what the article is talking about. Of course a print out was done in Photoshop.

  1. SierraDragon

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    Redeye Reduction

    Redeye is exacerbated by how close the lens is to the flash, so keeping the flash and lens apart makes sense.

  1. facebook_Jeffrey

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    Joined: May 2011



    How about reporting REAL news and not this trivial BS c***? I swear, journalism in the tech world has gone down the crapper in recent years...

  1. AllanCook

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    Joined: Jun 2006


    comment title

    I wonder if these cases aren't made for the iPhone 5s that were tossed from an 18th-story window yesterday in China?

  1. facebook_Patrick

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    Joined: Nov 2011


    Chinese garbage

    F China. You can't invent anything anymore because the unethical a****** will steal it from you. Lets start a trade war and lets delare the Chinese share of debt reset to $0 as a partial payback for the technology they steal from the US.

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