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Leak: Sinofsky to demo Windows 8 tablet interface at D9

updated 05:00 pm EDT, Mon May 23, 2011

Microsoft Windows head may show Win 8 at D9

A rumor on Monday suggested that Microsoft might show Windows 8's tablet interface at the D9 conference next week. Windows group leader Steven Sinofsky, who was just today confirmed to be an interview guest at the show, is now rumored to be giving the Immersive UI its first public display. The demo according to WinRumors would be a "technology preview" and not necessarily a finished representation of what would ship.

None of the publicly leaked milestone builds of Windows 8 have so far shown the interface itself, although small clues have emerged that the code was in place. Microsoft is suspected of having kept the interface secret with "red pill" code that prevents the real interface from showing to all but those cleared to see it at Microsoft. Some clues have emerged in leaked Office 15 builds.

The OS is poised to be Microsoft's first truly tablet-optimized OS and should use a much more elaborate variant of the tile-based Metro scheme from Windows Phone 7. A finished version may not arrive for some time, though, as Microsoft still has to go into beta testing and release candidates. A first beta is rumored for September and might not be met by a finished version until late 2012.

Sinofsky is expected to be under pressure at D9 and answer to a number of questions for the company's Windows strategy, particularly in tablets. Microsoft is considered the pioneer of tablet computers and has been pushing the formal Tablet PC concept since 2002, but it has never advanced the category beyond niche status despite repeated attempts. Apple with the iPad managed to outsell Tablet PC lifetime numbers in nine months, and Android despite its small share has already outgrown Windows.

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  1. kerryb

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    Something in the air...

    Could this be more vaporware from Microsoft? Probably not there is too much at stake in the tablet business for them to sit this one out. It might even be a not too bad product compared to their usual "good enough" Windows empire. I do believe they have been out-innovated too many times for their copy cat products to make any difference. This is not the 90's.

  1. pairof9s

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    RE: Something in the air...

    It all depends on if Microsoft continues to try integrating Windows PC into Tablet PC...trying to shove a desktop OS into a tablet for obvious tie-in reasons. Just making it touchscreen-friendly is not the solution.

    Apple and Google (as well as Palm/HP) have shown that you must build a tablet OS that optimizes the overall experience of app, interface and performance to the hardware provided.

    Sorry but I just don't see that in Microsoft's matter how desperate the situation.


  1. Arne_Saknussemm

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    There is a simple test... discover if the product will ship or be just vaporware.

    If the preview is AWESOME, just like the Currier was; Microsoft will kill the product right after most everyone has praised it highly.

    On the other hand if it looks like good old Win 98, after a little pocking under the new Metro UI, then it will be a certain release candidate.

    I'm being terribly mean here, and sincerely hope the new OS succeeds. Competition is very good for everyone, specially so for end users, be them iFans, Winboys, and of course the growing Linux crowd.

  1. ggirton

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    News from the future

    is only useful if the future is not TOO far away.

    Until then, this is news I can't use.

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