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Rumor: new Time Capsules to use iCloud home folder sync

updated 02:10 pm EDT, Sun June 5, 2011

Time Capsule may serve as iCloud home folder share

Apple's upcoming Time Capsule update could have more ambitious plans for remote storage based on an unverified rumor. Although it might not store iOS firmware, it would purportedly make Time Machine backups available online and let iCloud users sync their home folders between Macs. The approach Cult of Mac described would save Apple bandwidth at its North Carolina datacenter but still give an incentive to use the service.

iOS users would get storage on the routers, the rumor's origin claimed. Media captured on an iOS device could be pushed to the Time Capsule from a distance, creating a safe and sometimes remote backup of any new content without having to put it on a server someone doesn't own. Apple in this view would also be dodging some liability in case users store bootleg content.

The service as described is believed to be a "pretty finished piece" and may well show up in Apple's iCloud discussion at WWDC in its keynote on Monday. Little is known about what the AirPort line would hold, although the Express would supposedly get a speed upgrade that would be consistent with talk of A4 or A5 chips inside to handle extra tasks.

While the rumor is plausible, the site has had a mixed track record for rumors and shouldn't be considered authoritative. Apple so far hasn't said anything other than acknowledging iCloud's existence and running low on AirPort and Time Capsule supplies.

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  1. ebeyer

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    Given the recent multiple high profile news stories of data breaches, I'll need assurances that any data I back up to the cloud is private and secure. For example, if I encrypt my home folder, will the data in iCloud be similarly encrypted?

  1. Salty

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    Why would...

    Why would a user need to pay for iCloud to be able to access their own locally stored data? Apple is what sending a few kilobytes worth of data every time you connect? That's as silly as charging for email.

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