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iOS 5 fixes home screen web app performance

updated 09:30 am EDT, Fri June 17, 2011

iOS 5 solves speed issues in web apps

Developers have confirmed that iOS 5 solves a slowdown for home screen web apps. A confirmation Thursday showed that, the gateway for web apps operating outside of Safari, has the same "dynamic-codesigning" privilege as Safari and can use the Nitro JavaScript engine key to the speed-up in iOS 4.3. Regular apps that need a web view don't get the speed, but here the issue is with security as it could act like a workaround.

The discrepancy had sparked complaints from those who created HTML5 apps and others that wanted their web links to be easily reached outside of the browser. It wasn't evident why Apple hadn't updated but may have just not had time or a priority focus on home screen links to web apps.

iOS 5 is poised to be Apple's biggest update since the original platform was released and is key to the company moving the new iPhone to September. iCloud is its largest single component, though developers have found many under-the-hood additions along with major updates such as the Notification Center and iMessage.

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  1. Inkling

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    Joined: Jul 2006


    iOS 5 support for 3GSs

    Support for 3GSs in iOS 5 almost cools down my anger that iOS 4 wasn't adequately supported in 3Gs. My 3GSs will be happy to know its not being left behind. It means almost every Apple gadget I have will be on iCloud.

  1. Feathers

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    easily reached?

    Um... for security reasons I don't think there should be any circumstance where web apps should be linkable or executable outside of the browser. They are web apps after all. If these devs want something to stand and operate independently of the browser, why not write a native iOS app. Sorry, I forgot, these people want the platform independent nirvana of "write-once" that so many attempts such as Java and Flash have failed to deliver. Why should HTML5 be any different?

  1. testudo

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    Re: easily reached

    Apple touted HTML5 apps as one way to produce apps for the iPhone. Now you're complaining that they were too lazy to code them directly.

    And isn't Apple one who says you should use HTML5 instead of flash?

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