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Twitter offers open-source UI framework for Mac

updated 06:10 pm EDT, Fri July 1, 2011

TwUI serves as basis of Twitter for Mac

Twitter's engineering team has introduced an open-source framework that aims to help developers build interfaces for Mac OS X. The standard, labeled TwUI, is said to take inspiration from UIKit for iOS devices, enabling developers to take advantage of GPU acceleration for interactive interfaces. The company built TwUI using Core Animation, with interaction ideas taken from AppKit.

"It allows for all the things Mac users expect, including drag & drop, mouse events, tooltips, Mac-like text selection, and so on," Twitter engineers wrote in a blog post. "And, since TwUI isn't bound by the constraints of an existing API, developers can experiment with new features like block-based drawRect and layout."

TwUI will serve as the foundation for Twitter's official Mac client. The company suggests it will continue to add new features and make improvements going forward.

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  1. Gametes

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    This makes no sense. Hey, let's (2 engineers working at Twitter) completely reinvent the wheel! Maybe we can eventually make something better than the (211 engineers) guys working at Apple!

    Don't get me wrong, I just read the spec and obviously CA-based view hierarchy and block-centered code is a good thing. But Apple is clearly moving in this direction since they provided the tools in the first place. Any developer who adopts this will just be sinking a cost into something they'll have to abandon for a better, more complete, more integrated sanctioned release from Apple in a year or so.

    Meanwhile, Twitter doesn't release simple UI elements which would be used voraciously by the dev community, such as their custom vertical tab bar. Totally missed the target here; these devs are wasting Twitter's money.

    Yes, I looked at the code. It's beautiful - it's just a wash.

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