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Samsung exits countersuit against Apple to 'streamline' case

updated 01:55 pm EDT, Sat July 2, 2011

Samsung sheds US lawsuit against Apple

Samsung shifted focus late this week by dropping one of its lawsuits against Apple. It exited a US lawsuit on June 30 to "streamline" the legal process. The company stressed to Bloomberg in an interview that other lawsuits and ITC complaints would still go ahead, but that most of its focus in the San Jose-based court would be on defending and included two new patents in its counterclaim against Apple's case.

"Samsung will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property," the company's representative Nam Ki Yung said.

Action in the dispute between Apple and Samsung reached a peak this week. In addition to Samsung's two new legal complaints, Apple responded with a preliminary injunction request that would ban some of Samsung's most important phones and tablets. Both are most likely trying to bring the issue to a head and push one or the other to reach a settlement rather than wait months for ITC rulings or longer still for a trial.

Apple started the disputes in April when it accused Samsung of copying iPhone and iPad design with its Android hardware. While the Galaxy Tab's similarity is mostly limited to software, some versions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II and their software have hardware design traits that aren't normally part of Android and which have a noticeable resemblance to the iPhone.

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  1. SockRolid

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Jan 2010


    What's Korean for "Cave"?

    See? Some of Samsung's lawsuits were filed just to save face. The "show us your iPhone 5 and iPad 3" suit was thrown out. So from Samsung's perspective, they lose less face by withdrawing another one of their harassment suits than they would by having it too thrown out by the judge.

    Oh, and by the way, electronista, the "dropping" link results in a 404. There is an extra "%22" before the closing "/".

  1. aristotles

    Grizzled Veteran

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    What's next? Streamline their business?

    Will their next move ben to streamline their electronics business division by exiting the cellphone and tablet business? Remember that this is the same company that described their dismal sales to consumers as "quite smooth". That could mean anything from 1 tablet per minute to 1 tablet per week.

  1. LenE

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    "Our lawsuits are proceeding

    quite [smooth]." said a Samsung executive, after the translation was "corrected"...

    -- Len

  1. glideslope

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    Joined: Mar 2002



    Apple has Samsung by the balls after Fridays Filing. Samsung knows this. This drop is an attempt to stop the July 15th appearance, and have a settle everything. Apple would draw too much anti-trust issues by banning the 4 samsung products. Can't wait to see wait happens next week.

    I hope Apple inflicts serious pain. Samsung needs to loose it's entire face.

  1. monkeymilk

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    The silence is bliss

    Strange no comment from our normal instant troll Wrenchy or from Arne, his potato headed sidekick.

  1. Hercules Rockefeller

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    Joined: Apr 2011


    Steve Jobs is unfit to lead Apple

    This stupid lawsuit never would of happend if Steve Jobs was in his right mind. This will end in embarrassment for Apple. Steve Jobs isn't fit to run a multi billion dollar company. Cancer has eaten away at his sanity and all that's left is a raving lunatic. The best thing that could happen for Apple would be if he dropped dead immediately.

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