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HP said first with ultrabooks to pip MacBook Air

updated 08:55 am EDT, Mon July 11, 2011

HP may have at least two ultrabooks

Part supplier chain leaks Monday have hinted that HP is not only hoping to get into Intel's new ultrabook category but could preempt ASUS' UX21. HP is reportedly planning at least two of the MacBook Air-inspired ultraportables using the new ultra-low voltage Core i7s. Foxconn would handle the production and was reported by Digitimes as already shipping the first wave.

Despite the seemingly imminent launch, no mention has been made of hard specifications. The new Core i7s run at 1.7GHz and 1.8GHz. Intel's guidelines for an ultrabook also require that the system run under less than 0.8 inches thick and start at $1,000 or less. Its size usually dictates solid-state drives.

ASUS may also have a surprise as the UX21 should come in MacBook Air-like 11.6- and 13-inch screen sizes. Pegatron, ASUS' former manufacturing wing, is being contracted out.

HP has had ultraportables such as the Pavilion dm1 and dm3 but has never had runaway success. The company has also lacked a real halo computer to attract buyers. Most recently, its home PC sales have dropped sharply as its audience either puts off an upgrade or opts for an alternative like the iPad.

Apple is widely credited with having invented the ultrabook through the Air. Intel and Windows PC makers have shown early interest since it promises a more tablet-like experience with a fast start, instant responsiveness and a much more portable shape.

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  1. hayesk

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    Really? Pip?

  1. ntflavio06

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    Joined: Dec 2007


    More of the same

    It just goes to show you, when you can't invent, copy. So much for HP Invent.

  1. viktorob

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    Joined: May 2011


    Really? again?

    Didn't HP learn from their HP web OS fiasco? remember they said their tablet will be #1 plus? and after every reviewer said the HP tablet was the worse of all they said they will not compete against the iPad.
    HP will release this laptop and after it proves to be a fiasco also, they will say they didn't planed to compete against the Mac Book Air.

  1. climacs

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    it's called

    moving the goalposts

  1. testudo

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    Re: More of the same

    It just goes to show you, when you can't invent, copy. So much for HP Invent.

    Copy? You mean how Apple copied the ultra-portable laptops when making the Air? Oh, right, the Air was 'revolutionary' and everyone's just copying apple now.

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