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Part listings appear for new MacBook Airs, Mac Pros

updated 04:50 pm EDT, Mon July 11, 2011

New Pros could arrive this week

Part listings have appeared for new MacBook Airs and Mac Pros, according to leaked data. In particular there are four new Airs, divided between two 11-inch and two 13-inch models. Within each size, stock configurations are identified simply as "better" or "best;" custom configurations should also be available. Similarly there are three Mac Pro options cited as "better," "best" and "ultimate." A fourth option is a Mac Pro Server.

Apple has been rumored as working on a rack-mountable case for the Pro, which would help the computer better function as a replacement for the discontinued Xserve. Other likely enhancements include as many as 16 cores, and support for Intel's Thunderbolt port standard. All of the new Macs should come with OS X Lion pre-installed.

The timing of the listings appears to not only back up the arrival of new Airs this week, but also hint at an early debut for updated Pros. The latter systems had been expected to arrive in late July or early August, but Apple part listings tend not to disseminate until a product is very close to shipping. New Pros could therefore ship this week or shortly after; they may be timed to arrive with Lion, which is expected to go live on Thursday.

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  1. chas_m


    Joined: Aug 2001


    New Mac Pros!

    Well I nevah!!

    Man, it's weird even saying "new Mac Pros." I was beginning to wonder if I'd live to see the day when it finally got a serious redesign (not that the old design wasn't great).

  1. Inkling

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Jul 2006


    Racks & Mini-towers

    What many of us need is a 3-or-so-drive-bay mini-tower that's rugged and easy to fix or upgrade. One drive would be flash for speed. One of middling size for data and documents. The final drive a large one for Time Machine backups. All in one neat package. I don't want my life cluttered by a change of Thunderbolt drives all over the desk.

    For it's growing market size, the Mac lineup is woefully impoverished. The Mac Pro is way too much. The iMac is a toy for those who're techno-phobic. The Mac mini is too tiny and wimpy. Not having a mini-tower is like a major automaker not selling a compact pickup. That's bad business. Potential customers buy from someone who has what they want and never come into your showrooms.

    And yeah, I know. Apple doesn't do anything unless it thinks it can win an artistic award for the appearance. When I was in engineering school, we called this the artsy fartsy attitude But if you saw my home office, you'd know that something pretty would be wasted. Besides, I've had two hard drives die in my Macs. I don't want one that's a pain to replace.

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