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Netflix gets key renewal from NBCUniversal for TV shows

updated 03:30 pm EDT, Wed July 13, 2011

Netflix keeps up NBCUniversal TV deals

Netflix on Wednesday landed a crucial renewal of a deal with NBCUniversal. The deal gives it access to much of the movie and TV studio's back catalog as well as more recent shows. Netflix didn't say how much it paid for the rights.

Rates have likely gone up. Netflix is rumored to have paid much more to renew one of its more important deals, with Starz, after the network wanted to discourage Netflix from getting too much recent content and competing with traditional TV. NBCUniversal and other studios might follow suit.

The need to renew deals could explain Netflix's decision to reshuffle its prices in a way that raises rates substantially for anyone who wants both DVDs and Internet streaming. Company spokespeople portrayed it as a simplification, but it guaranteed that frequent users who want discs would have to pay more.

Netflix in NPD's most recent study had 61 percent of the digital video business in the US and has worried traditional providers wanting to minimize its control. Pay-per-show services like iTunes haven't usually faced these objections because of the pricier but more profitable business model they use.

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  1. lamewing

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Aug 2004


    How about

    How about Netflix standardize their streaming and DVD libraries so that each one mirrors the other? Until that happens, Netflix has people by the balls because many of their series are partially DVD / partially streaming.

    I would be happy to choose one or the other. As it stands I have to take both or neither.

  1. testudo

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Aug 2001


    Re: How about

    Since its the producers/owners of the DVDs that restricts which format an item can be in, it is up to them, not Netflix.

  1. coffeetime

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    Joined: Nov 2006


    it's the studios that

    give Netflix a hard time. A streaming movie will stay for only a certain timeframe based on contract then it will be yanked out. Right now they have all the seasons of Twilight Zones except season 4 due licensing issue. Don't know how long those current streaming Twilight Zones will last either.

  1. UmarOMC

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2001


    ...I'll be dropping the DVD service,

    thank you! My wife and I have a Roku box with Netflix and huluplus to avoid cable; the high, monthly fees, the rental of said DVR(s) and remote controls, the hundreds upon hundreds of channels we DON'T want to watch. The last DVD we got has been sitting on our kitchen counter for about a month, anyway-although I want to send it back ASAP and get The Slammin Salmon! lol

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