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ChangeWave: iPhone demand in US growing past Android

updated 08:15 am EDT, Mon July 18, 2011

iPhone buying plans widen gap over Android

A new study of US smartphone adopters by ChangeWave on Monday has fueled views that iPhone momentum is outpacing Android. Of those expecting to get a smartphone in the next 90 days, 46 percent planned to get an iPhone where 32 percent expected to pick Android. The split was the widest outside of an iPhone launch since September 2009, before the Motorola Droid took off and gave Android its original relevance.

The demand for iPhones was also the highest ever for a non-launch window and was bested only by the iPhone 4 launch a year ago, when exactly half of buyers were intending to side with Apple. Demand could go higher with widely presumed plans for a September iPhone 5 launch.

Researchers put much of the reversal of fortune in the Verizon iPhone. Android and iPhone demand among new buyers was roughly even at the end of 2010, but the interest swung back dramatically in Apple's favor as soon as Verizon subscribers could choose iPhones instead of Android. Interest for Motorola was collapsing as a result, ChangeWave said: its share of buyers has dropped by a third to eight percent now that it's no longer sheltered from having to compete directly with Apple.

Demand is poised to lean in Apple's favor in the future. The addition of iCloud is considered an incentive most of all for those who already have an Apple product of some kind, at 29 percent more likely to buy in, but is also luring those who weren't attached, at 13 percent.

Smartphone satisfaction levels among existing owners was already in Apple's favor. About 70 percent of iPhone owners were "very satisfied" as of this June, where just half of Android owners said the same. RIM's BlackBerry had the least satisfaction with just 26 percent as big advocates. Windows as a whole was close at 27 percent, though it was mostly being dragged down by its legacy: the outgoing Windows Mobile was at 14 percent, but Windows Phone 7 was more popular than Android among owners at 57 percent.

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  1. Hash

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    Joined: Apr 2001


    drrrrrrrroid crrrrrrrap

    drrroooid crrrrrrrrap

  1. DerekMorr

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    Joined: Mar 2010


    In other news

    Another set of "studies" find that Android is leading iPhone:

    Google Android overtakes iPhone in the UK smartphone market -


    "Kantar Worldpanel ComTech revealed that Android was the fastest-growing smartphone platform during a 12-week period ended 12 June in the U.S., U.K., Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia, " -

    Either side will pick the studies that tell it what it wants to hear.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    iOS has always been ahead

    Except for a brief period where they showed RIM ahead???? this chart has always shown iOS ahead or tied.

    Clearly its measuring something that doesn't translate into real world sales.

    But - at the same time I can believe iOS - which is the most refined smartphone OS with the most apps - would be in the lead, in the U.S. market. The U.S. market is not price sensitive, or at least price sensitive in a way that would impact Apple.

    It's world-wide, where the picture isn't as tilted in favor of Apple.

  1. TRRosen

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    This shows once again people choose iOS they settle for android.

  1. elroth

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    It's Apples and Oranges, Derek - the iPhone has pretty much always led in the US, with that lead now increasing because of Verizon getting the iPhone. In other countries, the iPhone has no pre-paid option, which is what the majority of people want. Android has a definite lead outside the US. If Apple adds a pre-paid option, it could be another story.

  1. DerekMorr

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    "the iPhone has pretty much always led in the US"

    No, it hasn't. Here's a gigaom study from May 2010 - Why U.S. Android Handset Sales Are Outpacing the iPhone -

    My point remains -- you can find studies that indicate the iOS is leading, and you can find ones that indicate the Android is leading. This site cherry picks those that fit its ideological bias. Nearly every week, we see a headline that Android sales are falling or that developers are losing interest. Alternative stories are rarely reported, such as this one:

    Android Powers 70% of South Korean Smartphones -

    For anyone seeking to understand mobile platforms, this site is a joke. It's the Fox News of tech news.

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