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Study: 35% of US smartphone buyers planning to get iPhone 5

updated 10:25 am EDT, Mon July 25, 2011

PriceGrabber claims iPhone 5 to get a third of US

A contentious study from PriceGrabber claimed that 35 percent of Americans planning to get a smartphone in the next year planned to get an iPhone 5. The July study suggested high demand and that a large part of these would come quickly. About seven percent planned to get it on launch day or within the first week, 14 percent in the first month, and 30 percent in the few months between launch and the end of 2011.

Of the group, 59 percent cited longer battery life, not direct feature upgrades, as what they wanted most. About 55 percent wanted a lower price. Other important concerns were 4G support (46 percent), a larger screen (45 percent), and a better camera (42 percent).

The shopping research site claimed that 48 percent of everyone, regardless of how soon they planned to buy, preferred the iPhone. About 19 percent wanted Android, seven percent Windows Phone, and just six percent the BlackBerry. Gifting was even more skewed, according to the study. A full 69 percent would take the iPhone 5 if given for free, while seven percent wanted the new Motorola Droid Bionic and just four percent wanted the Samsung Galaxy S II. Three percent wanted BlackBerry Curves.

The study may not wholly represent the public given a 2,852-person sample of online users that were likely self-selecting. If representative, it could claw back share lost to Android in the past two years. Verizon's iPhone support is known to have slowed Android down and might tip the balance given that many Verizon subscribers are waiting for the new model to get a smartphone or switch platforms.

Most anticipate the new iPhone arriving in September.

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    Early Termination Fees too

    ...many Verizon subscribers are waiting for the new model to get a smartphone or switch platforms.

    Don't forget that AT&T and Verizon impose high early termination fees. A large number of current smartphone users (iPhone, Android, and whatever else) are still mid-contract. The full migration to iPhone won't really begin until next year.

    Then again, I'm sure there are many current Android users who would be happy to spend the extra money to ditch their generic droids for iPhone 5.

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