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Apple refunds excess charges for Lion downloads

updated 05:55 pm EDT, Sat July 30, 2011

Apple takes on overcharges for Lion installs

Apple on Saturday began reversing some of the excess charges it accidentally applied to some Lion buyers. Both John Christman, the highlight example who was charged $3,878 more than the single copy he intended to download, as well as others, have said Apple would have the money back in their accounts within three to five days. Christman explained to MacRumors that Apple had revealed little while the refund request was ongoing but, when it got proof, refunded both the actual payments as well as the Paypal fees levied on top.

The early errors may be signs of teething problems for Apple. While the Mac App Store has been running since the start of the year, It wasn't until the release of Lion this month that the company saw a major stress test. Lion's nature as a multi-gigabyte OS, along with the million-plus downloads during just the first day, will have put added strain on the company's system.

Microsoft has already had direct-download copies of Windows 7 and hasn't had such errors. However, its deliberate de-emphasis and the much lower resulting traffic have prevented it from encountering the same loads as Apple. Lion is currently only available through a download and can even recover a system over the Internet if the current OS install is corrupted.

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  1. marcoskirsch

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    Seriously, this is news? First you report a glitch in the payment system... hardly news. Then you report that Apple refunded the incorrect charges. That's news???? The news would be if they DID NOT refund.

  1. lkrupp

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    Click bait

    This article is click bait pure and simple. A couple of unfortunate individuals get nailed by a glitch in a billing system, something that happens every single day to millions of people doing business with every company in existence, and because its Apple it spreads around the globe like cancer. Over at that weirdo site called MacRumors there were well over 300 posts excoriating Apple for being an evil spawn of Satan out to s**** its customers. This is tech tabloid journalism and no different than the National Enquirer.

  1. purpleshorts

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    What is news?

    Necessarily we are all fond of murders, scandals, swindles, robberies, explosions, collisions, and all such things, when we know the people, and when they are neighbors and friends, but when they are strangers we do not get any great pleasure out of them, as a rule. Now the trouble with an American paper is that it has no discrimination; it rakes the whole earth for blood and garbage, and the result is that you are daily overfed and suffer a surfeit. By habit you stow this much every day, but you come by and by to take no vital interest in it -- indeed, you almost get tired of it.
    - Mark Twain, "Italian Without a Master"

  1. testudo

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    Re: News?

    If you don't think this story is worth reporting, why do you even read MacNN?

    Most of the 'news' listed here isn't news. Half is press-release copy of new releases (hardly 'news'). Another large chunk is just rumor and innuendo ("iPhone not until October!", "iPad 3 to have alpha-wave scanner"). Also not 'news'. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find one or two stories any particular day that was news.

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