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Samsung dismisses importance of EU Galaxy Tab injunction

updated 07:15 pm EDT, Tue August 9, 2011

Company attempts to reassure buyers

Samsung has quickly responded to its loss against Apple in German courts, where a judge approved a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Although the decision in Germany is widely viewed as a threat to Galaxy Tab distribution throughout the entire European Union, Samsung suggests the move is not yet final and will not have an affect on the other legal battles the company is fighting against Apple in other markets.

This decision by the court in Germany in no way influences other legal proceedings filed with the courts in Europe and elsewhere," said Samsung director of public relations Kim Titus.

The court has threatened a 250,000 euro (~$350,000 USD) fine and other punishments if Samsung is found to violate the sales ban. If the decision is not overturned, the ban is said to extend to all European Union countries except for the Netherlands.

"The request for injunction was filed with no notice to Samsung, and the order was issued without any hearing or presentation of evidence from Samsung," Titus said. "We will take all necessary measures to ensure Samsung's innovative mobile communications devices are available to customers in Europe and around the world." [via SlashGear]

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  1. bigmig

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    Of course

    They didn't expect to sell many anyway.

  1. LunarMoon

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    Joined: Jan 2008


    "samsung innovative producs..."

    hahahahahahahaha... samsung copycat products, you mean.

  1. SockRolid

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    Hello Taiwan. Apple calling.

    Apple is said to be working with TSMC (Taiwan SemiConductor Manufacturing Company). To possibly replace Samsung as the manufacturer of ARM-based chips for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

    See what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you? Apple sues you, then takes their business elsewhere. Buh bye.

  1. bitwrangler

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    Another response

    I would have thought that following the bad things that tend to happen when they immediately respond to these things (e.g. Australia) that they would have either just not said anything at all. It's one thing for folks to think you've been beat, but to come out and say "nope, didn't hurt us a bit", and then having to turn right around and admit that "yeah, they got us there" just makes it look like amateur hour there. I think Samsung suffers from a lack of experience dealing with this type of public sparring. As an example, Apple will often just keep quiet until they evaluate what's up and then say something intelligent. This sometimes tick folks off, hey you can't please everybody, but at least it gives folks a sense that they are not a bunch of keystone kops.

  1. chas_m



    Europe? Phht.

    Who needs Europe? Who even lives there anymore?

    Signed, Samsung PR Dept.

  1. Eriamjh

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    Apple is really hitting them hard. I wonder if this is a way of getting a discount on their current production of A5s or upcoming A6s.

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  1. hsantanna

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Samsung Galaxy Tab is just much better then iPad. That's why Apple wants Samsung out, because if people can buy the Galaxy Tab, they will. And thats why software pattens stinks. Shame to Europe that followed USA on that direction... the consequence is that both is going to the same big hole...... and falling down.

  1. aardman

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    comment title

    "It is but a mere flesh wound", he says as he cradles his intestines hanging out of his belly . . .

  1. ASathin8R

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    Any Android product

    is a piece of junk. This action must part of a European cleaner environment initiative.

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