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Apple already past Lenovo in sales for all China

updated 08:40 am EDT, Thu August 18, 2011

Apple makes symbolic push past Lenovo in home turf

An analysis of Lenovo's spring results has shown that Apple is already outselling Lenovo in some areas in Lenovo's home country of China. Apple's $3.8 billion in sales across the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan were more than enough to beat Lenovo's claimed $2.8 billion. While Lenovo puts Hong Kong and Taiwan into a separate category, the FT noted that it wouldn't have come close to overcoming the difference.

Apple didn't overtake Lenovo in PC sales, which saw the ThinkPad maker overtake Acer to claim third place worldwide. Lenovo also managed to buck the trend in North America, where the Mac and iPad have helped shrink Windows PC sales, to grow 30.8 percent. It was optimistic for its buyout of Medion, which many saw as a way of keeping out in front of Apple in Europe.

The sales still underscore a potential problem for Lenovo in its home territory. It argued that it was entering mobile to avoid being eliminated by Apple, but Apple's iPad and iPhone sales are already larger. Many expect this to improve again with talk of at least a China Telecom iPhone deal that would significantly expand Apple's reach.

Lenovo is only just now getting into tablets in earnest with the IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad Tablet, a year and a half after it first signaled its intent to get into the field. The iPad's arrival may have played a part as Lenovo scrapped an in-house OS in favor of Android just a few months after showing off its initial work.

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  1. Hercules Rockefeller

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    comment title

    Every other article on this pos site is about android. More proof that android is kicking the daylights outa ios. You should just rename the site androidnn since you seem to love coveding android so much. In other news Steve Jobs is still g** and he still takes it in the a** almost as much as his worshipers.

  1. climacs

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    riddle me this fandroid

    If Google's Android is kicking so much rear, why did Google pay $12.5B for MMI?

    I'll tell you why, because the only answer you'll have likely involves Steve Jobs and something scatalogical or homoerotic. They way overpaid for Moto because a) they are acknowledging that they are very vulnerable on the IP front and b) they are acknowledging that Apple's way of doing things is superior to their so-called 'open' mobile OS, which the various and sundry phone makers are implementing in ways just as c***.py as their previous efforts at implementing their own mobile OS.

    By the way, who's making the vast majority of the profits in smartphones despite 'android kicking the daylights outa ios'?

    Poll: who is stupider, fandroids or Microsoft fanbois?

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