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Samsung Galaxy S II LTE hits with 1.5GHz to fight iPhone 5

updated 01:30 pm EDT, Sun August 28, 2011

Samsung makes LTE Galaxy S II, Tab 8.9 official

Samsung tipped its hand early on some of its smartphone plans for this week with an early Korean unveiling of the newly upgraded Galaxy S II. The new Galaxy S II LTE has not just its namesake 4G and a larger 4.5-inch screen but an even faster, dual-core 1.5GHz Exynos processor to keep it out in front for performance. NFC wireless and a larger 1,850mAh battery (up from 1,650mAh) also freshen the design.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9's months-delayed launch is also rewarding buyers for the wait, Samsung claimed. Along with LTE, it should get the same 1.5GHz dual-core chip as the S II and arrive with Android 3.2 out of the box. In spite of the smaller screen, it should still measure 8.6mm (0.34 inches) thick like the Tab 10.1.

Samsung hasn't given out release dates for the new phone or tablet. In the US, the redesigned Galaxy S II will be part of an August 30 launch and is widely presumed to be shipping to the US in September for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile with respective LTE, WiMAX, and 42Mbps HSPA+ connections providing the 4G-equivalent speeds. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is presumed to be shipping within several weeks.

The revamp is uncharacteristic for Samsung, which often leaves its flagship smartphones untouched all year. Suspicions already exist that the faster Galaxy S II is a defensive measure against the iPhone 5's rumored October release and seeing the S II's feature lead evaporate when Apple has its own dual-core, possibly larger-screened hardware in stores. It might also be an attempt to circumvent Apple's bans on Galaxy phones in Europe, and potentially in the US, by having a new model in shops.

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  1. JuanGuapo

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  1. facebook_Justin

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    comment title

    I'd rather have AIDS then a Samsuck Galaxy S(uck) II.Losers Telephone Equipment

  1. Geoduck

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    It's not 1998 any more

    This isn't the PC wars of the late '90s. It's not about abstract numbers. It's not about how many Ghz you claim for the processor. Nobody cares about that any more.

    It's about what you can DO with the device.

  1. noibs

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    Speedy Processor...Really?

    Yeah...all those poor iPhone4 users complaining about the clock speed of the processors in their iPhone. Not. I guess that's what you talk about when that's all you have.

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  1. iria

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    Wow, all the Apple fanboys are out

    Come on. They've sold 5 million of the non-LTE versions in 85 days, and with "only" a 1.2 Ghz SoC, to boot. I love being able to use Locale or Tasker, something that can't be done on iOS (just one example).

  1. squirrellydw

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    who cares about Ghz, it comes down to how well it works. I have an Android phone now and it SUCKS. Locale, Tasker, 5 million who cares, go to your android site and spew that c***. Google is nothing but a thief. As soon as the iPhone 5 comes out I am getting rid of this POS android. I hate Ads and I have no problem paying to get rid of them but I can afford to. I can afford to buy new phones every year also unlike most android users who want there c*** for free. So long Android fanboy, enjoy those ads.

  1. WalterC

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    Good Customers

    Thank god smartphone customers are not a fickle bunch. Lest they further enrich the greedy wireless 'providers'.

  1. global.philosopher

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    more power with less battery time. Simple physics. More power means less battery life. I heard a lot of phones were returned this year because 3-4 hours battery life just aint enough.
    It's not about particular specs. You have to delicately balance battery life with power with multi-tasking with screen brightness with ecosystem with....etc, etc, etc.

  1. Stogieman

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    Galaxy S II LTE

    That name just rolls of the tongue.

    And a 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab? What happened to the 7 inch? I guess Samsung finally came to the conclusion that Steve Jobs was right all along. No one wants a 7 inch tablet.

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