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Google chairman admits Motorola deal for hardware, too

updated 08:45 am EDT, Fri September 2, 2011

Eric Schmdit eyes Motorola phones in deal

Google chairman Eric Schmidt in the same Dreamforce interview where he complimented Steve Jobs also acknowledged that the buyout of Motorola was intended to get hardware. Although the company had at first characterized it as a patent deal where Motorola hardware would be kept at arm's length, Schmidt said that the buyout was for "more than just patents." There were appealing aspects to its Android smartphones and tablets that the company wanted to have.

"The Motorola team has some amazing products," he said.

While the chairman wouldn't discuss it, leaks have hinted that Google was aiming for a more iPhone-style integration than what Google can do so far. Nexus phones, and likely the upcoming Droid Prime or Nexus Prime, have Google's influence on the hardware but ultimately put much of the control in the partner's hands. Google could both make its own Nexus as well as any tier of phone it wanted.

Software is also likely a main concern. Google has publicly been accepting of custom interfaces as reflecting the choice in Android, but it may be increasingly frustrated at how few phone and tablet makers want to make a pure Android device. Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and others regularly say they want to "differentiate" their phones but often end up producing custom interfaces with mixed results. Motorola could be the first hardware designer to make stock Android a policy instead of insisting on custom work.

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  1. PeterCao

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    Schmidt in debt

    Last year, I filed a complain at California State Bar Court [INTAKE] against an officer who collaterated with a criminal suspect, whom Eric Schmidt backed up, to conspire me with her legal power. During the court legal process, the suspect side (Eric Schmidt) passed me words: "if they can't win the case at judicial authorities, they could take my life as easy as getting rid of a bug." This threatening message was well documented in court file, and it is a solid proof that Eric Schmidt's side has the power to distain dignity of California Judicial Authorities.

    Google's Eric Schmidt along with a Stanford Computer Science professor Sebastian Thrun had involved into crimes which had endangered human lives. Schmidt and Thrun's side had murdered Stanford student May Zhou and they had plotted a murder on me as well, during their fight with Stanford to threaten me and to terrorize Stanford people.

    0. Updats of Stanford student May Zhou's case which Eric Schmidt used to threaten my life for sake of Sebastian Thrun[ ]

    1. ... Investigation from authorities on my tip confirms that MayZhou's case is actually a murder instead of the initially ruled suicide by police, and that it is people on Schmidt and Thrun's side who's behind May Zhou's murder case in order to threaten me and to terrorize Stanford. And the power on Thrun and Schmidt's side did try to plot a murder on me while I was in California. Before the case could be ultimately clarified in public, neither Thrun nor Schmidt's name is clear in such plotted murders ... [ ]

    2. Message to The Hill, see Comments part in [ ] to tell what's Eric Schmidt's problem.

  1. PeterCao

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    Schmidt in debt

    Eric Schmidt represents and is backed up by some mafia like dark force which tend to resovle their problems with killing power. Schmidt's side had plotted a murder on me and would have wiped me out, though it was crashed by securities in time, and that's why he was removed from his CEO position.

  1. psdenno

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    Say what?!?!?!?!

    Let's all chip in and buy the movie rights to this story.

  1. garmonbosia

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    Re:Schmidt in debt

    I'm pretty sure the b****** ran my dog over.

  1. ZinkDifferent

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    This nutcase regularly spams Eric Schmidt stories with the same copy/paste yarn. This has been going on for a while

  1. SockRolid

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    Attention Samsung, HTC, LG...

    ... the buyout of Motorola was intended to get hardware ...

    Attention Samsung, HTC, LG, et al: you are now officially second class citizens of the Android regime, and you are going to like it. You will all welcome your new Motoroogle overlords.

    That phrase serves two purposes: 1. tells all the generic Android hardware cloners to explore other smartphone OS options, and 2. prepares the public for a weak defense against the Apple and Oracle lawsuits, despite the 24,000 patents that came along with "the hardware" deal.

  1. wrenchy

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    re: Attention Samsung, HTC, LG...

    >>>Attention Samsung, HTC, LG, et al: you are now officially second class citizens of the Android regime,

    Dear SockRolid, all you iOS users are second class citizens of the Android regime. But you already knew that.

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