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First public iPhone 5 photo possibly taken at Apple's campus

updated 11:30 am EDT, Wed September 7, 2011

iPhone 5 photo EXIF hints 8MP cam, wider lens

A suspicious photo found on Wednesday may be the first instance of a photo taken with an iPhone 5. Although superficially a 5.1-megapixel shot taken with an iPhone 4, EXIF metadata shows that it had been cropped from its original eight-megapixel, 3264x2448 resolution. An astute check by PocketNow noticed that that it was captured at an f2.4 aperture, which would be impossible with the minimum f2.8 on the iPhone 4.

Further supporting the iPhone 5 theory is a geotagged location at 1 Infinite Loop's first building, suggesting the staffer was taking a photo of lunch to see how well the camera worked.

A chance exists that the EXIF data was faked or was unintentionally passed through an iPhone 4's filters. Something such as an Eye-Fi card might relay the photo from a dedicated camera, for example. However, the test-like nature of the photo, that it was only a partial resize, and that it was using an aperture not seen on most point-and-shoot cameras supports the theory that it's an iPhone 5 image with enough editing to discourage casual questions.

The specs back talk of an eight-megapixel camera in the iPhone 5 and are promising for its actual output. The image is sharp and largely free of noise. An f2.4 aperture will lead to the camera taking brighter and likely faster shots with a more pronounced depth-of-field effect for macros.

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  1. tortenteufel

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    Apple campus huh?

    Better then what they serve over here....

  1. testudo

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    how stupid

    So, now we're all hyped up over a photo possibly taken with a camera that might be attached to an iPhone? Give it a rest people. It's information that has no possible use except to say "Look, we've got no life! We're spending our time looking at files all over the internet to see if it somehow could be connected to a new Apple device! And then we'll be the first to break the story and called incredible newsmiths!"

  1. ASIMO

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    Aside from the uni, that is almost exactly what I am eating right now. Love me some sushi/sashimi for a $10 lunch.

  1. facebook_Jonathan

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    Joined: Sep 2011



    The Uni looks bland to me.

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