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Google and Oracle CEOs ordered to sit in settlement talks

updated 01:30 am EDT, Sat September 10, 2011

Page and Ellison must visit settlement meeting

Google chief Larry Page and his Oracle counterpart Larry Ellison were ordered on Friday to attend a special settlement meeting previously called for in Oracle's lawsuit over Java use in Android. The September 19 gathering, ordered by Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal, will include other executives but will require the two CEOs at a minimum. It followed after private mediation hit an impasse and the judge in the main case, William Alsup, called for court oversight to help force a resolution.

Although Google protests its innocence, much of the impasse has come over what the company is willing to pay versus what Oracle wants. The database firm has asked for $2.6 billion and as much as six billion, both figures that Google considers too steep. Oracle has been seeking as much as it can and has even called for destroying Android products that allegedly copy the patents, dealing serious damage to hardware partners.

Google has fought Oracle but has been steadily cornered on signs that it was not just using patented Java code that transferred from Sun to Oracle but that its executives knew they might have to license patents if they didn't get a deal from then-owner Sun. Engineers have said they had access to Sun code at the time Android was being established at Google.

If the two firms fail to settle soon, a formal trial is due to start on October 31. A formal case could deal a blow to Google as it not only has to see Larry Page testify but Motorola as well.

By Electronista Staff


  1. SockRolid

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    Joined: Jan 2010


    Penalty phase

    1. Judge says "You lose, Google. Pay up."
    2. Oracle says "Pay us *this much.*"
    3. Google says "I don't wanna!"
    4. Go to 1.

  1. garmonbosia

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    This will be a bloodbath

    Android makes are already paying M$ 5 bucks for each phone. Now Oracle will probably get another $10-15. Won't take long until they're paying more than what M$ charges for Windows mobile. And that's before Apple even gets to them.

  1. facebook_Robert

    Via Facebook

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    Not so bad as all that

    HTC pays MS $5 per phone for the licensing agreement.
    Oracle and Google will eventually settle - HTC probably won't pay anything for that.

    As for Apple - you really have to read other sites to get the news - the reporting here is absurd. Most of Apple's patent claims have been tossed. The 'community design' infringement that Samsung did with their iPad look-alike - has no bearing whatsoever on HTC products.

    If one of Apple's patent claims were to hold, likely one of Androids built-in apps would have to be redesigned to remove the infringement.

    the patent system was supposed to encourage innovation, not destroy it. Unless the patent system is suicidal, I don't think your predictions will bear out.

    I think Android will be just fine.

    I mean other than the fact that it sucks - don't get me wrong, I've been using an Acer Iconia Tab A100 this weekend, and its remarkable how bad the OS really is - yuck.

    But it'll survive the world wide patent war - and the end result of this war, will be changes to the patent system.

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