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Amazon to hold Kindle tablet event September 28

updated 01:30 pm EDT, Fri September 23, 2011

Amazon Kindle tablet unveiled in NYC next week

Amazon on Friday sent out invitations to a press conference on September 28. The New York City event has no description but is presumed to be for the Kindle tablet. The slate is presumed to be shipping in October.

The tablet isn't believed to be a direct competitor to the iPad out of a deliberately low-cost design that would sit at $250. Like the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, however, it should run Android and have access to some tablet features. Amazon's multiple services will almost certainly lead to it using the Amazon Appstore and an Instant Video app, as well as possible Cloud Player. Other basic roles, like e-mail, might also come about.

If accurate, the slate may be stuck on Android 2.1 and could miss out on underlying OS features that the Nook Color supports. It may also use an older single-core processor and go without cameras.

Even with the choices, the design may still be Android's best opportunity at success in a tablet design simply through volume. Millions of models are unofficially expected to ship starting from October where many of those using Android 3 may ship less than a million at best during the same period.

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  1. facebook_Robert

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    Important not call it a tablet

    The B&N Color Nook has sold millions - Android based, App store included, 7" in size - MILLIONS.

    But we don't count that as a competitor to an iPad. OK. If you aren't going to count something as a competitor if it is 7" in size, or Android based or whatever - feel free to define your market any way you need.

    The Kindle - we won't call that a competitor either. OK.

    I personally think the B&N Nook and Kindle will run apps, that make it a consideration for app developers - the fact that they sell in the millions, have an app store, and both are 7" in size - make the 7" size a target - one of the doubt.

    But if I wrote apps, and I do....I would have to consider Android 7" tablets, and the iPad and Android and iPhones.....after that, nah...not really, maybe Windows 8 when it comes out, just because it'll have somewhat of a market on the desktop.

  1. Inkling

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    Kindle apps

    facebook_Robert is right, the Kindle would be more appealing if it had apps other that games, apps that sync with Macs & PCs like bookmarks do. To-do and shopping lists are two examples. It'd also be great if they created a library checkout app. There are people who'd love a Kindle to read library books but who don't want the hassle of owning a PC.

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