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RIM hints at BlackBerry owner compensation, doubts switchers

updated 10:45 am EDT, Thu October 13, 2011

RIM takes steps to prevent future BlackBerry bugs

RIM's co-chiefs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie hinted that they might start compensating BlackBerry owners for the just ending outage. Although RIM's focus had been all about fixing the issue, staff were "now turning our attention to" addressing what the customers wanted. The firm stopped short of detailing what if anything was planned for individuals, although they did admit companies would have to be paid due to service-level agreements.

To prevent a repeat, the company was conducting a "root cause analysis" and was talking to the companies that had supplied the core switches to try and fix the bug that triggered the failure and a later failure for the backups. Carriers weren't turning on RIM since "everyone pulls together" to keep customers onboard, the joint CEOs said.

They emphasized that RIM had 99.97 percent uptime for the past 18 months.

RIM wouldn't, however, address the possibility that customers were switching to the iPhone or Android. When challenged on the BlackBerry's nature creating a system inherently more vulnerable than what Apple or Google had, the CEOs were vague on what made up for the risks inherent to a centralized system and instead focused on what it did well when running, such as moving messages instantly around the world. "I would not characterize that [view] as fair," Lazaridis said.

They did debunk the notion that the 2,000 job cuts magnified the problem. Its network response team was highly trained and wasn't affected by the cuts.

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  1. Paul Huang

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    Think again

    Compensate them $200 so they can drop it like a blackberry and go to an iPhone 4S.

  1. que_ball

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    App world credit is about the only thing I can think about that RIM could possibly offer most clients. They do not really have any means to directly compensate customers beyond that.

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