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Rumors: Acer, Samsung sold under 5,000 Chromebooks early on

updated 08:05 am EST, Thu November 10, 2011

Chromebooks may have had poor turnout in summe

Google's Chromebooks may have been non-starters on their arrival in June, PC field reports alleged on Thursday. Between arrival and the end of July, Acer's Cromia 700 shipped just 5,000 units, Digitimes' tipsters claimed. Samsung's higher-priced Series 5 would have sold less than that.

Neither Acer nor Samsung has confirmed the numbers, though neither they nor Google have given indications of numbers.

While the exact causes wouldn't be identifiable, Chrome OS systems have sat in a difficult in-between position in computing. At a minimum $350, the systems cost as much or more than netbooks but don't have their storage or support for working offline. They also sit under tablets that have much of the fast booting and long battery life that Google wants, but which are also considerably more portable.

Google has pitched Chromebooks as being ideal for business and secure, but a large number of companies are either tied to Microsoft Office or can't use Google Docs for their needs. While they can cache offline content, most web apps depend on an Internet connection and make the systems impractical on many flights or outside of coverage.

The assertions came just as Google chairman Eric Schmidt was wrapping up a short Asian tour and tried to drum up support for Chrome OS from local PC builders.

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  1. chefpastry

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    Stupid idea

    It was a stupid idea to start with and no one fell for it. This is the kind of junk they come up with when they don't copy other's ideas.

  1. Grendelmon

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    They were/are too expensive.

    WAY too expensive. If they would have introduced at say... ~$100 they would have sold like hotcakes. Plus, since the beta users got them free, I think that kind of lowered the price expectation (as well as the only people interested were the beta testers themselves, which already had one... for free!).

  1. SockRolid

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    Plan B isn't looking so good

    Plan A: sell Android iPad clones. (Failed.)

    Plan B: sell low-end web-based "thin clients." (Failing.)

  1. shawnde

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    I'd rather pay ....

    $350 for a night with the girl .... :-) Is than an option? I wish all the Korean manufacturers would let you choose the girl instead of the device.

  1. EC4IT

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    Access to Windows Apps

    Chromebooks are targeted to specific types of users that want an easy to use, Internet-friendly browsing device. They are not meant to replace the traditional PC or laptop.

    In addition, there are third party apps out there that can bridge the gap for Chromebook users that require occasional access to those tools found only in a Windows environment. For example, if a Chromebook user needs quick, easy, temporary access to a Windows desktop or Windows app, they can use Ericom AccessNow, a pure HTML5 RDP client that enables Chromebook users to connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server (RDS Session Host), physical desktops or VDI virtual desktops – and run their applications and desktops in a browser.

    Ericom‘s AccessNow does not require Java, Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX, or any other underlying technology to be installed on end-user devices – an HTML5 browser is all that is required.

    For more info, and to download a demo, visit:

    Note: I work for Ericom

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