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Android up to 200m devices, activation slows to 550K a day

updated 06:10 pm EST, Wed November 16, 2011

Android hits 200m milestone but levels off

Google at its Google Music introduction revealed that Android was now at a symbolic 200 million total device activations. The figure came just half a year after crossing the 100 million-device mark in May. Activations for new hardware were also up to 550,000 per day, although Google didn't say how many of those were tablets.

While positive for the platform, the milestone also revealed that Google's activations were slowing down. A month after Google I/O, Andy Rubin had mentioned a 500,000 daily device activation mark. Its quarterly results from July also mentioned the same 550,000 activations as it did now, hinting that the expansion rate might have flattened out.

At Apple's last count from October, it had over 250 million iOS devices of all kinds, most likely putting Google ahead in phones but lagging in overall device adoption.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. slapppy

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2008


    It works!

    That FREE Android that every iPhone cloner is using works to win marketshare. Having 200 million devices activated with the FREE Android iOS clone is a huge accomplishment. Specially when Android is FREE, no purchase necessary to load on every single smartphone a manufacturer builds. Gosh, even the buy one get one FREE with Android counts for that 200 million activation number.

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  1. wrenchy

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Nov 2009



    Sour grapes??

    But you've got no problem including the free iPhone 3GS activations with a 3-year contract in the iOS numbers. Right?

  1. SockRolid

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Jan 2010


    Embarrassing pad numbers

    Re: " Google didn't say how many of those were tablets."

    Google doesn't need to break out the pad activation numbers. Just count the number of Kindle Fires sold and there you go.

    Amazon has driven a stake into the ad-delivery robot's cold heart in the pad space. Amazon's fork of Android 2.3 doesn't use Google Market, doesn't share any revenue earned with Google, and doesn't share any customer preferences or product affinities with Google. Google gets nothing out of it.

    But the killer is that Kindle Fire will crush all other Android xPads. Android developers will therefore migrate to Amazon's fork of Android. And Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and whatever other beta-flavored desserts Google dumps onto the market will twist in the wind. Ignored by all except the hobbyists.

  1. wrenchy

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    Joined: Nov 2009



    Activation "Slows" to 550K a day.
    Nice "Weasel Words" macnn.

  1. simon42

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    Joined: Apr 2010


    And there goes Apple

    Going back to its 10-20% market share because not everyone wants to pay the fruit tax. They give customers far more choice and lower prices... and they're not made of glass. That's not rocket science when you look at it without fanboy glasses.

  1. shawnde

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    Word Choice

    It's interesting that they said "200 Million Activations", and NOT 200 Million devices SOLD !!! I think the reason is that perhaps many people after they update, switch carriers, or even reset their phone, they'd have to "re-activate", which I assume counts towards to the 550K/day and 200M so far. Therefore, it's safe to wager a guess that there are FAR FEWER than 200M Android devices out there ......

    This is very similar to Samsung's SHIPPED vs. SOLD stats .... shipped doesn't mean anything. Carriers will always send unsold inventory back to the manufacturer. I know Rogers used to crush unsold Nokia inventory.

    The other company which used suspicious numbers was Real Networks .... they always said ..... 200M or 300M downloads, but I probably downloaded the player at least 30 times, so they really only had like 20-30 Million ACTUAL customers, but everytime you downloaded the app and signed in, they counted it as a "unique" download, which it wasn't.

    Stats can be tricky .... and it's very easy to misrepresent yourself, using some voluntary metric. What does "activation" mean to Android? What does it entail? Are they talking about unique activations, or could those be the same person reactivating because of a reset, or an update or carrier change?

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