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Galaxy Nexus volume glitch may be major hardware bug

updated 08:15 pm EST, Mon November 21, 2011

Pre-release handsets said to malfunction

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus handset is reportedly suffering from a hardware bug that is causing problems for users in Europe. Several reports suggest some of the devices are suffering from a volume-button malfunction, which leads to volume levels dropping while users are in the middle of phone calls. In certain cases the erratic behavior is claimed to make the handset completely unusable.

Affected users appear to have isolated the source of the problem, discovering that the malfunction is limited to devices using 900MHz bands for 2G coverage. Even with the Galaxy Nexus radio turned off, the automatic volume adjustment is said to occur when another phone transmitting at 900MHz is brought within the same vicinity.

A YouTube video claims to demonstrate the bug by bringing a Nexus One close to the Galaxy Nexus, causing the latter device to believe it is receiving simultaneous commands for volume up and down. An XDA-Developers post claims the issue can be experienced by the majority of owners in the UK, where the handset first launched late last week, though the relation to a specific network frequency suggests the glitch may be present in all of the devices.

Samsung has yet to publicly acknowledge the reports or propose a potential solution. It is unclear if the bug has caused release delays in the US and other markets, after initial reports pointed to last week for availability. A Canadian launch has finally been confirmed for December 8, which is viewed as the most likely date for a synchronized launch in the US.

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  1. facebook_Jeff

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    Oh look FANDROIDS? Your precious little POS android phone has a HARDWARE issue? Say it isn't so!!!

  1. BigMac2

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    This is the first wireless induce bug I ever seen, How come wireless transmission affected the volume control? I hope consumers report break h*** for this like they have done with the antennagate.

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