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NPD: Samsung Galaxy Tab sales low enough that HP outsold it

updated 09:05 am EST, Tue November 22, 2011

NPD shows HP leading US tablets for most of 2011

HP, not Samsung, was the ruler of non-iPad tablets in the US for the first ten months of the year, the NPD Group said in a new study. With just 1.2 million tablets sold at retail across every company outside of Apple, HP was the leader in the country at 17 percent, or 204,000, sold between its launch and October. The low count suggests that the fire sale $99 TouchPad, not HP's Windows range, was the sales leader by going on clearance.

Samsung was close, but at 16 percent (192,000) faced a symbolic embarrassment. If accurate, it suggested the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other models couldn't outsell an HP tablet being cleared out for a lack of initial interest. Globally, Samsung has been unusually silent on shipments since it stopped reporting the original Galaxy Tab early in 2011. The company historically marks any milestone possible if strong or fast enough.

Other participants in the top five were considerably lower. ASUS' Eee Pad Transformer gave it 10 percent, or 120,000 tablets across 2011 so far. Acer's collected Iconia Tab Android and Windows lines, and the Motorola Xoom, each got nine percent, or about 108,000 tablets sold.

Although sales were improving from quarter to quarter, it still showed that iPad competition in the US was still struggling to get a significant foothold and could decline now that the TouchPad is officially out of the market. Those in the small group not picking the iPad were also often being deliberately contrarian rather than considering all options, as 76 percent had not even factored the iPad into their choices. The data suggested that only a small piece of the iPad's share could be taken away by current competitors.

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  1. slapppy

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    HP & others

    can win the market. All they have to do is sell it all at 99 dollars. Undercutting even Amazon who also sells at a LOSS or BARELY there profit. The new business model for Apple competitors. Sell all their POS at a LOSS and brag about marketshare! Awesome!!!

  1. BigMac2

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Dec 2000


    Samsung bloated numbers

    Samsung was reporting millions of phone and tablet shipped per quarter. With less than 200,000 tablet sold this is embarrassment indeed. Shame on Samsung for being arrogant.

  1. iphonerulez

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    A nearly worthless $99 WebOS

    TouchPad is a better value than most modern Android tablets. It's a world where only the cheapest of the cheap can survive.

  1. Paul Huang

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    To survive is one thing…

    To thrive is quite another. That's where the difference lies between the tablet and the iPad.

  1. bdmarsh

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    how many iPads

    would be interesting to see how many iPads sold in the US in this same timeframe.

  1. ViewRoyal

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    Notice that those "Unit Share" percentages are for the total tablet sales "Excluding Apple [iPad]"!

    In other words, the pie is only for non-iPad tablets. The 5 manufacturers listed make up 61% of that pie, with other Android tablets manufacturers taking up the remaining 39%.

    Since it has been reported that iPad had 85% of TOTAL tablet sales, those other tablet companies shares of the TOTAL tablet market are much, much smaller!

  1. SockRolid

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    Pepsi could out-sell Coke if they dropped their prices by 80%. Subaru could out-sell Honda if they dropped their prices by 80%.

    But could Pepsi and Subaru stay in business if they dropped their prices by 80%? No. Buying market share like that is unsustainable. HP is only selling TouchPad for $100 to use up all the components that their suppliers have made for them on contract. Probably cheaper to sell the TouchPads at a loss than to be sued, successfully, by all those component suppliers for breach of contract.

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