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Context: iPad is 74% of tablets in Europe, likely to go up

updated 06:00 pm EST, Sun November 27, 2011

Context shows iPad was dominating Q3 in Europe

Apple is likely to have no trouble holding on to the tablet market in Europe, according to newly uncovered data from Context. It estimates that Apple shipped 2.99 million of the 4.05 million tablets in the western European market during the summer, or 73.8 percent. While the iPad was down from 77.8 percent in the spring, much of that gain from rivals was attributed to the rush on the clearance HP TouchPad, which wouldn't be a factor in the fall.

Results from October so far showed that Apple was down slightly to 72 percent, although it wasn't clear what rivals if any were gaining. ASUS' Eee Pad line was second place through the summer, followed by Acer's Iconia Tab series.

Researchers also provided context that suggested seven-inch tablets had so far failed to get any hold of the market. In August, just two percent of tablets in western Europe carried the smaller screen size, suggesting that almost all of the market was dominated by 10-inch tablets like the iPad, the Eee Pad Transformer, and the Iconia Tab A500. The figures were somewhat skewed by the absence of updated seven-inch Samsung tablets like the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, but they still showed very little traction for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Iconia Tab A100, and other tablets on sale at the time.

The relatively stable share for Apple suggests the tablet market may behave more like that for MP3 players, where Apple remains in a settled but majority position, than the smartphone or PC markets where Apple eventually ceded a large stake. Most analyst firms have pointed to a gradual iPad decline, although none so far have suggested that Android would repeat the quick rise it had in smartphones. [via The Guardian]

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  1. ElectroTech

    Junior Member

    Joined: Nov 2008


    There are no TABLETS in Europe

    There are only iPads. There is no TABLET market, only iPads. If you look at the sell through rate and the return rate of these other iPad wannabes, you would find that there is no TABLET market, only iPad.

    Come on guys, tease out the facts from your poorly researched data.

  1. ggirton

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Nov 1999


    I didn't realise

    that so few iPads were sold in Europe. I thought it was more than 3 million. but ... what about the Autumn? Summer was a while back.

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

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    Although the iPad holds a

    commanding lead in the tablet market, Wall Street continues to doubt that Apple can hold onto that share due to Android tablets. Why is that? They said the same thing earlier this year and the iPad held fast against all those supposed 50 Android tablet vendors who were going enter the tablet market. No matter how strong Apple currently appears to be, Wall Street claims all iOS devices are going to lose out to Android.

  1. SockRolid

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    It's the infrastructure

    The wannabes can easily mash up an iPad clone. Very tough to do it profitably though, since Apple controls the market for many crucial components (e.g. NAND memory, touch screens.) Apple makes the biggest deals, gets the lowest component pricing, and all others are forced to out-bid each other for the rest of the components on the market. It's hard out there for a wannabe.

    But that's only the first level of pain for the wannabes. The next level of pain happens when they try to get their OS and app ecosystem together. Most are forced to use 3rd party OS-es like Android. They are at Google's mercy until they fork Android, freeze it at a specific release, and then replace Google's "profit layer" with their own. Exactly as Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire. Amazon gets it all, Google gets nothing. The ultimate fate for Android in the tablet space.

    But the final level of pain comes when the wannabes realize that it takes a decade to build up a robust infrastructure. Apple started in 2001. Good luck trying to copy that.

  1. wrenchy

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Nov 2009


    But, but...

    I thought market share wasn't important??
    That's what the iFans say... Oh wait... Apple is ahead on this one. Nevermind.

    Give it time iBoys. The Little Green Guy is going to crush the fruit. Always does.

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