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Telstra's Androidland store gives Google first phone store

updated 12:50 pm EST, Fri December 2, 2011

Androidland mixes theme park with Android shop

Google and Australian carrier Telstra have teamed up on the first official store to be themed around Android. Just called Androidland, it serves as a store-within-a-store similar to Apple's presence at Best Buy and a mix of theme park and store. While it lets users try out Telstra's current Android phones, it also lets them play with Angry Birds and Google Earth on giant touchscreens and carnival-style games.

Google has tried the staff to handle the full experience from buying advice through to setting up and suggesting apps. Even the scent has been chosen to reflect Android, with the smell of gingerbread (based on Android 2.3's codename) throughout.

The search giant has been taking to opening mini-stores of its own elsewhere, such as Chromebook-focused stores in the UK. An Android store, even if mildly helped, would show Google widening its scope to cover more home-oriented products and competing with Apple at retail.

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  1. jhawk95

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    Always a day late and a dollar short.... just like Microsoft.

    They should be handing out Ice Cream Sandwiches since I don't think you can make a store smell like one. But Gingerbread??? Isn't that like 2 or 3 releases back? Nice way to show your potenital customers (all 5 of them) how up to date your "Smell-O-Vision" is.

    Nothing but Gimmicks and Smokescreens from these companies.

  1. facebook_Gerhard

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Dec 2011


    Novel, not!.

    How original (Google at its best), and they pay people to come up with this!. Says a lot about the product and the type of customers they see as their market. But I suppose that's what you can expect when an inept monopolist and a data thief combine their collective wisdom. Kiddyland, what a smack in the face to Lego and Fisher Price.

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