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Flurry: iOS app starts still three times larger than Android

updated 02:15 pm EST, Tue December 13, 2011

Flurry shows Android dev ratio still low

Despite increases in device share, iOS app development is still three times larger, Flurry said Monday. New app starts on Android had actually declined in ratio from the start of 2011 to the end, shrinking from 37 percent to 27 percent in a fall estimate. iOS development had grown by an equal number of points and was now up to 73 of starts.

A truism that iOS apps make more money than on Android was also deemed accurate. For every dollar that an app made on iOS, the same app would make just 24 cents on Android. Some of the gap may have come from Google's approach to payment, Flurry speculated: Google Checkout is both optional and infrequently used, while Apple requires that users start off by attaching some kind payment method to their accounts. Merging Google Wallet and Checkout would help.

The ratio cast doubt on Google chairman Eric Schdmidt's belief that developers might prefer Android in half a year's time due to share. Despite Android having roughly twice as much unit share, developers are still mostly starting iOS apps and will still be releasing on Apple's platform first into 2012.

Flurry's data accounts for about 25 percent of all the apps on Android Market and the App Store together and could be reflective of the wider market as a whole.

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  1. Orbifold

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    Google shotgunning coders

    Dalvik may or may not be terminated by Oracle's lawsuit, GWT may or may not become good for mobile web app development, and Google's new language Dart doesn't have a big enough advantage over Javascript

  1. facebook_Martin

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    Android is plateauing hike iOS is accelerating

    Actually, Android's increase in device share is plateauing while iOS is surging this year.

    Android's marketshare growth rate has dropped from 367% in 2010 to 28% this year while the iPhone's marketshare growth rate has surged from -14% in 2010 to +38% this year according to just released NPD figures.

    Then there is Apple's dominance in tablets with the iPad and in mini-tablets with the iPod touch and larger overall installed base of 250 million vs 190 million for Android and it becomes obvious that iOS is going to be the far more lucrative and compelling platform for developers for some time to come.

  1. SockRolid

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    Android revenue

    Google revenue from the #1 Android pad computer: Zero. Kindle Fire's proprietary fork of 2.3 has replaced the standard Android "profit layer" with Amazon's own. Google gets zero sales revenue, no Android Market, no customer purchase history or product affinity or contact info. Nada. Amazon gets it all.

    Yay open.

    Oh, and 2/3 of all Android ad revenue comes from iOS devices. Google needs iPhone and iPad more than they need Android itself for ad revenue. And ad revenue is what Google is all about. 96% of their profits come from ad revenue. Their customers are advertisers. Their product is you.

  1. Iritscen

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    Spelling correction

    I think they mean "_Googel_ chairman Eric Schdmidt".

  1. slapppy

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    AOL Disc

    Android growth is similar to AOL when they mailed a disk to just about everyone on the planet for a free trial. Explosive growth > won market share > Zero to Barely there revenue > Ultimately FAIL. There is your Android growth summed up for you.

  1. facebook_Brett

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    iPhone Mystique

    My software development company gets contacted several times each day from companies and individuals looking to build mobile apps. Most of these inquiries either don’t know which platform they want to focus on or they want to go with the iPhone/iPad. Rarely do they request Android exclusively.

    I’m guessing this occurs because the mystique that currently exists around Apple’s products. Clients want to be closely associated with that success. And who can blame them?

    Brett Miller

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