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Apple's iPhone 4S Santa ad the most effective of the holiday

updated 03:35 pm EST, Fri December 23, 2011

Ace Metrix says Apple Santa spot effective

Ace Metrix tracking pointed to Apple's Santa Claus-themed iPhone 4S ad being the most effective of the holidays. Out of 950 points viewers had to assign, Apple's spot reached 652 points, or eight percent higher than the average technology ad. The scores were based both on how persuasive they were as well as actual information, their relevance to real viewers, and whether they stood up to viewing in the long term.

Nintendo was one of the few other technology companies to do well, with Nintendo one of the exceptions.

The success was partly credited to leaning on Santa for help, which 34 other commercials were following a similar route. Apple's iOS ads have always focused on showing a device in action, however, and the new ad shows directly how Siri works. Its ad is also a relative soft sell, letting the product speak for itself rather than focusing on specifications and prices.

How viewers are impacted isn't directly known. It might dampen Samsung's possible ad success in promoting the Galaxy S II. The warmer Apple ad is a contrast to Samsung's, which is openly critical of iPhone fans and sells primarily on specifications without showing real use. [via GigaOM]

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  1. climacs

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    love the score

    brilliant combination of a feeling of wonder along with some christmas bells jingling.

  1. climacs

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Sep 2001



    The warmer Apple ad is a contrast to Samsung's, which is openly critical of iPhone fans 

    Hmm, have they never heard of the notorious Apple "Lemmings" ad?

    I just upgraded to a 4S and I gotta say that Siri is truly fantastic. Scoff all you want, Droid leghumpers: the iPhone wins again.

  1. SockRolid

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    Not on the "nice" list

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Dude-you're-a-barista isn't on Santa's "nice" list.

  1. makemineamac

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    Apple never fails to delight

    On the ad front. It's a corporation that gets it inside and out, their marketing team and ad agencies always manage to produce great stuff. Every time. This ad is a perfect example.

  1. Jeronimo2000

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    Dude, the Lemmings ad is nearly 27 years old. You need to let go and move on. :)

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