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Comcast dips toes into live TV over iPad

updated 02:45 pm EST, Tue January 10, 2012

Initial access limited to Denver, Nashville

Comcast has begun an initial rollout of its AnyPlay TV service for the iPad. The technology allows Comcast subscribers to watch live TV over their home Wi-Fi network, regardless of what someone may be watching on a TV in another room. On top of the Wi-Fi restriction, though, the option is currently available only to Xfinity HD Triple Play subscribers, and just those in Denver and Nashville.

Greater regional coverage is promised in coming months, as is support for Motorola's Xoom tablet. Without access to AnyPlay, Comcast subscribers can still use the Xfinity TV app to access about 8,000 hours' worth of on-demand movies and TV shows. That content is viewable on any Internet connection, including 3G networks.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. hayesk

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    Joined: Sep 1999


    I don't see the problem here.

    This is why people hate media companies.

    You are already paying for cable. Comcast already has your money but yet they have to "dip toes" to see if they can allow you to watch it on a portable handheld wireless TV (your iPad) instead of the big one with wires in your living room.

    Seriously? Why do they care?

  1. testudo

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    Re: I don't see the problem

    Who said there's a problem?

    but yet they have to "dip toes"

    Comcast has to "dip toes" because, gee, I don't know, they want to try the service out in a few places to see how it performs, works, etc, before rolling it out all over. You know, like beta testing, but on a larger scale.

    Oh, right, you believe they should follow the Apple way. Just make it go live, see how it crashes, and then try to fix stuff while you let the fanboy population make excuses for the problems. You know, the MobileMe launch. Or the MusicMatch launch. Or the iCloud launch. Or...

    to see if they can allow you to watch it on a portable handheld wireless TV (your iPad) instead of the big one with wires in your living room.

    No, they want to make sure that the transmissions aren't capable of being streamed or visible outside of your immediate home. For the last thing the CABLE companies (not the media companies) want is for your friends across town to be streaming the content to their house off of your subscription.

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