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New Windows Phone chief says OS has awareness problem

updated 03:45 am EST, Wed January 11, 2012

Myerson says WP7 suffers from a low public profile

New Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson has told AllThingsD that reason Microsoft's answer to the iPhone and Android has so far failed to gain traction in the smartphone space is because of its low public profile. Myerson was reportedly checking out the smartphones on Amazon when he noticed that WP7 mobiles were getting the best reviews, but the best-selling handsets were running Android. He took a screenshot of the page and showed it to the Windows Phone team.

"We have an awareness problem," Meyerson told AllThingsD. "People just don't know about Windows Phone and if it could be for them and if they should consider it," Myerson said. "When people try it, they generally love it. We know we need to do something new and different."

However, while acknowledging that Microsoft's efforts to sell the new OS to the public have fallen short, he was short on details as to how the software giant might be able to turn things around. Myerson also admitted that the company is working with Sprint and Verizon in order to help boost the profile of its OS on their networks.

However, the first step forward in gaining profile for its beleaguered mobile OS will be with the new Lumia handsets from Nokia. Leading the charge, the Lumia 900 WP7 flagship with LTE just unveiled at CES. However, the Lumia 900 will launch as an AT&T exclusive meaning that it will not get widespread availability for the immediate future.

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  1. global.philosopher

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    Whats Windows Phone


  1. BigMac2

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    WP7 doesn't has awareness problem, it's a trusting issue. General public never had lot of trust into technology and Microsoft is a key player of culturing fears of technology.

  1. qazwart

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    Several Issues

    There are several issues:

    * Branding; Why on God's Green Earth did they call it Windows 7 Phone? People may use Windows computers, but they don't say "Wow! Windows!" either. Windows? Hey, Microsoft. The 1990s called and wants their technology back! And, the previous Windows phone ...what's that technical term? Oh yeah... sucked. Even Apple decided not to call iPhone's OS Mac OS X Phone in the end, but chose iOS -- even though Mac OS X has a better reputation than Windows. Call it MetroOS, and people will understand it's not a feeble variant of Windows XP.

    * Political: Why was it called Windows 7 Phone. Because Balmer and the all powerful PC group insists that the solution to EVERYTHING is Windows. Why "Phone"? Because Balmer and the all powerful PC group insists that Tablet computers need REAL Windows software. Microsoft was writing this OS while Apple was working on the iPad. Microsoft could have easily released a Phone/Tablet OS and maybe even beat Apple to the punch. They've certainly would have beat Google to a tablet OS market. Having a tablet OS means people are more likely to buy your phone. However, that means telling the Windows group that Windows 7 on tablets isn't cutting it.

    * Being three years behind everyone else: When the iPhone came out, it was 5 years ahead of everything else. That got people to notice it. They abandoned Palm and Windows Mobile because the iPhone software was way, way better. RIM is just now feeling that pain. Let's assume that Windows 7 Phone is better than iOS and Android. Is it five years ahead better? Even the most hardened Microsoft fan boy wouldn't say that. Instead, W7P is three years too late to the party. The whole ecosystem is Android and iOS and W7P doesn't have enough to get noticed.

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