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Sony says no PlayStation 4 at E3 this year

updated 02:45 am EST, Wed January 11, 2012

PS3 selling well, so no PS3 intro at E3: Sony

Despite expectations from the public that Sony would unveil a PlayStation 4 at the E3 show in June, Sony's Kaz Hirai said the current PS3 system was made with a 10-year lifespan and sells well enough not to warrant a replacement, the Wall Street Journal reported. Usually, game consoles are replaced every five years, but Sony's PS3 -- like the PS3 before it -- has beaten those odds. Sony has never hinted that a PS3 is coming, however.

This was revealed during a CES conference, when a reporter asked Hirai, referencing Andrew House, the head of videogame division, that there won't be a PS4 announcement at the show.

"Andy is absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3," Hirai said.

Sony said the PS3 is the top-selling console in 100 countries and sells well. The company is also now focusing on its PS Vita handheld, which recently launched in Japan and is due to come to the US on February 22, with AT&T selling it as well.

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  1. Salty

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    Makes sense

    Makes sense, I still don't think developers have found all the ways in which they can take advantage of the PS3. Frankly sales sucked for the first while. Sony would be dumb to come out with a PS4. Especially since they're still waiting to see what Apple does with whatever TV set they're coming out with.

  1. mbanks

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    Um, I'll respectfully disagree with the previous poster. This doesn't make sense:

    "but Sony's PS3 -- like the PS3 before it -- has beaten those odds. Sony has never hinted that a PS3 is coming, however."

    If this is what was meant, then I suppose it makes sense:

    "but Sony's PS3 -- like the PS2 before it -- has beaten those odds. Sony has never hinted that a PS4 is coming, however."


  1. BigMac2

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    Sony need to move quick

    Mobile CPUs are only year away from PS3 and Xbox360 performance for a fraction of the price. Current generation of ARM SoC is already good enough for 2D games and HD output. Apple could sold an Apple TV for $99 and still make money, the only thing is missing is a good and official game controller and a AppStore for the AppleTV.

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