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TI shows OMAP5, claims to be 'way ahead' of Apple

updated 12:05 am EST, Fri January 13, 2012

TI OMAP5 to ARM Cortex-A15

TI has teased its first practical OMAP5 reference hardware. The dual-core, dual-graphics ARM-Cortex A15 device shown to Engadget by VP Remi El-Ouazzane was capable of playing 1080p content at 64 frames per second and ran Android 4.0. The executive anticipated it being fast enough at 800MHz to rival a Cortex-A9 chip at 1.5GHz, overshadowing Apple's A5.

"This is the greatest platform on Earth right now... way ahead of Apple," he said during a live interview.

The hardware wasn't yet ready for smartphone-class hardware. Its reference device is an inch thick, and El-Ouazzane first expected it in tablets, ultrabooks, and other relatively large devices. Along with Android, it was running Windows 8 and could be on the market in late 2012 or early 2013.

While claiming a technical edge over Apple, the difference is likely to be short-lived. Apple is widely though to be readying the A6 for its 2012 iOS devices and could either take TI's route or go to quad-core. The A6 could use a 28-nanometer manufacturing process that would make it viable for tablets and smartphones.

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  1. chas_m



    Ah yes ...

    ... the "we've got better specs than Apple" approach. Not only short-lived but short-sighted.

    But don't take my word for it ... ask the MP3 player manufactures, the smartphone manufacturers, the tablet manufacturers, the "ultrabook" manufacturers, the netbook manufacturers, the portable gaming console manufacturers ... and those monkeys who cooked up Google TV ...

  1. facebook_Jacques

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jan 2012


    A Brick like that? Seriously?

    No offense, but this "Tablet" looks like a brick. They should consider fire all their designer or replace the whole team

  1. facebook_Jacques

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jan 2012


    A Brick like that? Seriously?

    No offense, but this "Tablet" looks like a brick. They should consider fire all their designer or replace the whole team

  1. Bobfozz

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jul 2008


    Morons once again

    These dummies KEEP thinking it's about the specs. Their tiny brain can't conceive of anything else and of course the PC "fanboys" will help them (because they don't get it either). What good, really, is twice as many frames per second (except possibly for really slow mo) over the standard 29.97 (or whatever it is)? These guys make jerks look intelligent.

  1. kooBi

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    A future chip that's faster than an old one, incredible.

  1. facebook_Dana

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    Joined: Jan 2012



    I don't know what that picture is supposed to portray, but it's completely rediculous. Ti, like a lot of companies at CES, doesn't get it. it's not solely about specs. it's not solely about design. It's about the completely package, end to end, and how it makes the users life better. That's it. Period.

  1. ljmac

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    This is so stupid on so many levels

    1) It won't even reach the market for a year, and that's assuming it's on time! Apple will have released the A6 in both the next iPad and iPhone well before that.

    2) Even when it does reach the market, it still won't work on phones anyway.

    3) It's not the specs, it's the user experience! The original iPhone still feels faster than current Android phones in many ways, because the software is far more optimised, and requires less steps to get things done. When will these people ever get that it's not about MHz any more?

  1. facebook_Lewis

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    All posts above this are exactly what I was saying. TI comes through with a chip rolling out in 1+ years and states "It's way ahead of Apple" while we are all aware of what's in the works for the A6. Apple keeping a design team in house to work closely with the software teams leaves a polished piece when complete. I was thinking if TI takes it one step further we'll all be using the old "brick" phones in our cars again. This thing is HUGE! Faster frame rate and 3D on my phone. Yeah, that's exactly what we are all looking for! These guys have got to come up with something a bit more original rather than throwing a bunch of cool sounding specs in their phones and think they'll sell.

  1. Makosuke

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    Be fair...

    Now let's be fair, he could theoretically have been saying that it's way ahead of what Apple has in its labs for release in a similar timeframe as this chip--that is, our next-gen reference hardware is ahead of their next-gen hardware.

    Which is of course equally stupid, possibly more so, since it's not all that likely they have any idea what Apple has in its labs (unless Samsung or whoever is fabbing the A6 is leaking details to a direct competitor), and even if they did it's STILL a year before this thing will hit the market, during which time who knows what may happen.

  1. gprovida

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    Specs specs specs

    Apple and more importantly users are not driven by specs but "getting their jobs done" and Apple gets the job done, efficiently, smoothly, and simply. Excess performance is a danger for the jobs being done. For Android they may need the perf, smooth anyone, to achieve what Apple does now. Apple will help users get a new job done with better performance in its next gen devices. My bet is battery is the biggest challenge not chip specs. A TI device that performed as well today at 50% power would be news making, and for LTE an order of magnetitude drop in power consumption is newsworthy.

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