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HTC, IBM team to try and bring Android to workplaces

updated 06:30 pm EST, Sat January 21, 2012

HTC to use IBM business apps on Android devices

HTC and IBM together said in an interview Friday that they were working together to get Android into the workplace. IBM's business apps were running on HTC's phones and tablets, HTC's Global Enterprise and Services director David Jaeger told eWeek. On its side, HTC was making sure both that the devices took full advantage of the IBM apps and that they "focused extensively" on security.

The effort is a new and mostly unpublicized one. Motorola has also been trying to cater to corporate customers with Android, albeit with limited success.

Android has historically been at a disadvantage in business use. While RIM's BlackBerry is still considered a gold standard due to encryption and push e-mail systems, Apple has made major strides and is now a frequent pick in enterprise because of its efforts in supporting Exchange, encryption, and remote controls for IT administrators. Android continues to lag behind and usually relies on third-party layers like 3LM and Good Technology to make up the difference.

The Taiwan smartphone builder is starting from a difficult position. Although still second only to Samsung in the Android field, its profit tanked by 25 percent in the fall as Apple's iPhone 4S and Samsung's Galaxy line cut into sales that many thought would inevitably keep growing through Android's success. HTC is behind in tablets even relative to other Android supporters, having just the modest Flyer and its expensive, $750 Jetstream. A wager that people would want a stylus has, like Windows tablets before, failed to pan out so far.

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  1. lockhartt

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    The novelty of Android has worn off for most people, and they've largely found what they were looking for in iOS. Having used (and coded for) both platforms, I can safely say I'd be happy to never hear the word Android again. While it has improved in terms of the user experience (though still fragmented), it's a ridiculous mine field to develop for it as a "platform."

    Good luck guys...

  1. chas_m



    Trying to be objective, but ...

    ... wouldn't IBM's efforts be better served by making more business apps for, you know, the platform businesses have clearly chosen?

    Hey, if IBM can make Android a less-blah platform, great. Competition is good. I just don't think the effort is going to pay off, though Android certainly has the potential to be the Microsoft of boring business apps. I just have this feeling that now that the corporate world has discovered that you can have corporate stuff *and* just a little bit of style, they might stick with that.

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

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    There's a distinct anti-Apple

    movement in certain circles. Apple products have been shown as some of the best built products that money can buy, but there are certain people who'd rather just have cheap stuff which is the only reason that Android exists. It's basically a free OS and smartphone vendors can charge less for their products because of that. Just because Google is cash rich and can afford to give things away, well that just great, but not every company can afford to do that. There is definitely a method to Google's freebie madness. Get every Android user to click on ads like crazy. Google needs to start yelling "All power to the people" and "Stick it to the man". The "man" being Apple. Apple is just going to have to go it alone or start building even better products to sway consumers away from that fragmented Android OS c***. I'm pulling for Apple all the way. Apple is probably going to have to break Android by making it barely feasible for Google and partner vendors to make any profit.

  1. AlenShapiro

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    Apple is in the business arena almost grudgingly. It is sad but Apple's insistence on secrecy and surprise is counter to what main stream business needs for official adoption. It is a testament to Apples utility that they are seeing any acceptance at all in main-stream business. Specifically, Apple would need to provide roll-out schedules, road maps, guaranteed support etc. Business needs these things to make budget plans ans their own support guarantees. Apple has traditionally sneered at this and received largely "skunk-works" status from business in response.

    There is an amazing opportunity for Apple here. Set up a separate (but informed) business support unit (that works and addresses the above) and watch Android get sidelined. The risk to Apple is that IBM really know how to set up the kind of support businesses think they need. Apple better not underestimate their ability to deliver. Especially if Google play along.

  1. facebook_Chris

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jan 2012


    Give Android a chance

    If Android is treated with the correct professionalism and respect, it does have a future in the workplace. The platform is easily adaptable and sustainable. When Blackberry first hit the streets people used to say that nothing could replace their OS. Face it folks, Android is here to stay and I, for one, am wishing HTC and IBM all the best. After all, IBM is a highly respected company who dont just rush into things.

  1. climacs

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    Joined: Sep 2001


    "to try and bring"

    not exactly good English

  1. SockRolid

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Jan 2010


    Android? Secure? LOLz.

    Re: "... they "focused extensively" on security..."

    No problem. Just a few steps and Android will be secure.

    Step 1: Prevent users from downloading apps from Android Market
    Step 2: Prevent users from side loading apps from other sources
    Step 3: Close the Android source code
    Step 4: Pray. A lot.

  1. Paul Huang

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    Joined: Sep 1999


    Hey, someone's got to

    digest the unwanted inventory.

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