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Bill Gates talks Steve Jobs in new Nightline interview

updated 03:40 pm EST, Wed January 25, 2012

Apple co-founder 'every bit as intense' as Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates talks briefly about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a new Nightline interview on ABC, reports note. Gates comments, for instance, that it was strange for someone as "vibrant" as Jobs to die so relatively young. "It makes you feel like, 'Wow, we're getting old.' Yet you look back and think about the great opportunities we had," he says.

Gates adds that Jobs was "every bit as intense" as himself, and that the two "always enjoyed talking," in spite of their corporate rivalries. "He would throw some things out, some stimulating things, we'd talk about the other companies that had come along. We'd talk about our families and how lucky we had been in terms of the women we had married. It was great, great relaxed conversation."

The former Microsoft head is also asked about Apple's digital textbook initiative, but avoids commenting directly, except to say he feels technology can help improve the American educational system. "The idea of having personalized learning is now enabled by a lot of innovation on the Internet," he remarks. "Having good classes, having the teacher be able to look at where their students stand -- we're going to have technology on our side. It's early days."

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  1. facebook_Samuel

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    Bill you are old. And, Jobs is still more vibrant than you even though he's dead.

  1. facebook_Carl

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    Kind words from Bill

    Bill you have really softened in your old age. Your words about Steve and his family are very kind. I hope you are sucusefull in riding the world of Maralia!

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  1. Paul Huang

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    Is that...

    Malaria in Japanese?

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  1. elroth

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    I had no idea what "riding the world of Maralia" meant - I thought it might be an Avatar (the movie) kind of thing.

  1. chas_m



    Credit where its due

    Gates has been gracious in his assessment of Steve and has been asked about numerous times, even to respond to things Steve has said that were (while probably true) tactless. I'm not a fan of most of Gates' contributions to the world other than the malaria effort, but he's opted to take the high road when commenting on Jobs and doing so is a mark of some class.

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