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Firefox 12 to get revamped portal page, autocomplete

updated 01:30 pm EST, Sat January 28, 2012

Firefox 12 nightly builds show redesign

Versions of the upcoming Firefox 12 in the nightly build phase have shown major changes coming to its interface. New tabs can now open to a hybrid portal page that mixes in features seen in Chrome and Safari. Along with seeing the most frequently visited sites and a search bar, it now has top web apps, the most recently shared apps, and a Google Talk status section to launch directly into chat.

The address bar now also has autocompletion for addresses in history or bookmarks. It should eventually come to the tab page, although this might not make the initial 12.0 release.

Seeing the full portal requires going into the advanced configuration pages. There's also no guarantee that every nightly build and OS variant will have the feature exposed.

If Mozilla keeps to its fast-track schedule of version releases, it should have a finished version of Firefox 12 in April, with version 11 arriving in between. [via ExtremeTech]

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  1. BlueGonzo

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Dec 2010



    What? Version 12!.

    So Firefox will be passing Chrome until Xmas 2013 if they keep the pace. At least with the version number.

    This stupid numbering is really a joke. This is the opposite of some other projects that just passed 1.0 and more stable, and over 10 years in works.

  1. jay3ld

    Senior User

    Joined: Jul 2004


    comment title

    And it still eats ram like its candy.

  1. Mr. Strat

    Junior Member

    Joined: Jan 2002


    Enough already!

    Enough with the new version number every six weeks...with the .01 update a couple days later! The current version 9.01 is really like...4.5 or something. It's a real pain in the a** for IT shops, and you're not fooling anybody.

  1. macnnoel

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2005


    chrome is starting to look good right now

    your comment

  1. chas_m


    Joined: Aug 2001



    "and a Google Talk status section to launch directly into chat."


  1. ruel24

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Sep 2009



    What I really hate is that they keep breaking my favorite extensions. That, and does every new feature warrant a full jump in verson number? I think the developers at Mozilla have gone mad! I honestly think this activity is turning away users and developers alike. I mean, if I designed themes and extensions for Firefox, it makes for a lot more work. Also, I'm just sick of all that not working at all. Is Chrome really so much of a threat that they are behaving this erratically? I just don't get it...

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