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Samsung says Super Bowl ad is just for Galaxy Note

updated 06:00 pm EST, Mon January 30, 2012

Samsung dampens Super Bowl ad expectations

Samsung in a series of Twitter updates unintentionally mitigated expectations for its Super Bowl ad. The company said that the spot was for the "revolutionary" Galaxy Note, which at 5.3 inches was so big that it needed an ad during the event to "do it justice." The spot will be one of the longest during the game, Samsung said, and will air during the last quarter.

The remarks were meant to drum up interest for the Galaxy Note's unique mix of modern high-end smartphone features and pen input. While the timing will be right for the AT&T version's upcoming launch, it's unusual in backing away from devices that are directly comparable. The Galaxy Note is dramatically bigger than the iPhone 4S it's up against, ruling out those who don't like large phones, and intended for those willing to pay a $100 premium for the sake of the big screen and LTE.

Super Bowl ads so far haven't had much effect on Android in their brief two-year history. Motorola has tried it twice and in each case had little in the way of sales afterwards.

The Galaxy Note itself isn't new and has been available in Europe since late last year.

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  1. Arne_Saknussemm

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    The Pen -

    IS Back Bigtime!

  1. facebook_Juwan

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    Not new?

    It's newer than the 4S! True the screen is probably too big for most, but the iPhone 4S screen is too small! Also, the Galaxy Note is a tablet that you can actually walk around with, unlike the iPad ;) The functionality of the Note and its Pen is something that Apple should have made when they made the iPad...

  1. Kees

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    been out a while here

    the stores have them. I've only seen one actual person with it though.
    He was holding the thing up to his ear which reminded me of Micheal Douglas, somehow:

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