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comScore: iPhone now matching Android in growth rate

updated 03:55 pm EST, Thu February 2, 2012

comScore Q4 2011 has Android at 47pc, iPhone 30

The sustained effect of the iPhone 4S launch has kept the iPhone growing at the same pace as Android in the US. Google's platform grew a collective 2.5 points over the fall to 47.3 percent, but Apple nearly matched it with a 2.2 percent hike to 29.6 percent. As with much of the past year, the two were only really drawing from other platforms, with the BlackBerry down nearly three points to 16 percent.

Microsoft, which no longer has active Windows Mobile sales supporting it in a significant way, was down to 4.7 percent, while Nokia's outgoing Symbian was at 1.4 percent.

Apple's increase was now putting it within range of overtaking Motorola among total cellphone use. At 12.4 percent, it was less than one percent away from third place in the US. The company was the only one in the top five to gain share: first-place Samsung was exactly flat at 25.3 percent as basic phone users left at too quickly a rate. LG declined, and RIM's overall troubles in the US were still costing it absolute share.

Many consider the winter the core test of whether or not Apple has redefined its position in the US. The company is likely to face a post-holiday lull in iPhone sales, but by how much and its relation to Android isn't definite. Most Android smartphone designers won't have significant updates until the spring and could be in a similar position or worse with their older designs.

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  1. iphonerulez

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    The growth rate likely happened

    due to the Christmas holidays. Unless Android smartphone sales seriously decline, Apple will never keep up. There's just too many Android smartphone vendors selling devices at far too low a price for Apple to match or ever need to match. If Apple could hold 30% to 35% of the smartphone market over the course of a year, it would be rather amazing. The iPhone was never designed to grab 80% market share as Steve Jobs never set out to do such a thing. Please the consumers with a good product and many will come, but certainly not everyone. In a normal world, what Apple is doing now should be highly praised instead of financial critics always complaining about why doesn't Apple find a way to sell many more iPhones, iPads or Macs. How big or wealthy is Apple expected to become? There are so many detractors of the company's success, but what company is doing better.

  1. global.philosopher

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    Have to agree....

    Apple are not about marketshare. They are about quality (not quantity). Of course they will want to gain marketshare but not at the cost of quality or compromise. Meanwhile the Android OEM's will duke it out and combined will earn less than Apple (or close to it) and now they have the scary thought of a determined competitor entering in the form of WinMo. Regardless of whether or not WinMo is any good or not they will competing head to head with Android for the battle of the generic platform. This hyper competitive market will lead to innovations but also cost cutting and design flaws....meanwhile Apple will bubble along releasing quaility upgrades and new designs.

  1. peter02l

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    It seems strange that according to comScore Android gained 2.5 percentage points while Apple gained 2.2 in the U.S., but I just read somewhere that 70% of all smartphones sold by AT&T and Verizon together were iPhones.

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